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Ras El Hanout Part 4: Mission accomplished

After three months of research, testing, tasting and sharing we finally created our own Ras El Hanout.  We have had it on the shelves for the past 2 weeks and it has been a real hit.  As we set out to create this mix it seemed to be a daunting task and at one point it felt almost impossible.  Along the journey we created another very traditional blend, the Ethiopian Berebere, and we were introduced to many other traditional spice mixes.  So how do we feel now that the Ras El Hanout is finished?

We are very proud of this organic spice mix that takes some of our more rare organic spices and showcases  them in a rich tapestry of flavor.  Our customers have been over joyed to take home a jar and start cooking with this most traditional of spice blends.  After working so hard on this we are now going to start selling some of our spices blends online, and thus this long road will lead us onto another road.  How very appropriate.

This process has also solidified our commitment to making our blends authentic.  Where as we could have made the Ras El Hanout with 10 ingredients we opted to use 26 ingredients.  This takes longer, and requires a ton more testing, but the final product speaks for itself.  Beyond this, it gives our customers the chance to experience our blends as though they were in the countries in which they have been traditionally used.  Here are a few pictures of the Ras El Hanout as it is blended.  Please come visit us for a taste and look for this to be for sale on line in the coming weeks.

So what do you do with this amazing stuff?  One of the easiest and most fulfilling uses is to simply mix it in with rice. This will add a very nice floral aroma to the rice and give it a huge flavor boost.  Best part is when you add the Ras El Hanout you will probably find it unnecessary to add any salt.  Did we mention that the Ras El Hanout is completely salt free as well?

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