About Us

Thomas McGee, Founder & Owner
I make every product in small batches & pack every shipment. I’m forever grateful for your trust & business.
pinch at sri lanka spice processing factory
Pinch visiting co-op members in the Northern Sri Lanka spice processing factory, which is owned & operated by the farmers and their families.
pinch in chennai india sourcing fresh vanilla beans
Pinch in Southern India sourcing fresh vanilla beans. We never stop searching for the very best spices & herbs.
Pinch visiting Iceland salts
Pinch visiting fellow spice merchants in Reykjavik, Iceland and tasting local salts.

Pinch Spices & Blends

    • Organic
    • Fairtrade
    • No fillers, ever
    • Gift boxes available
    • Made fresh in small batches
    • Free shipping on orders over $45
    • Sourced directly from the best farms in the world
    • Chefs: Have a large order? Bulk buying options and discounts available
    • Customizable spice blends and personalized labels for weddings and other events

Pinch’s Story

Pinch Spice Market was born in 2012 after I left my 9-to-5 job and followed my passion for cooking and exploring global flavors. My curiosity with food began at an early age thanks to my mother. She developed an appetite for international fare when she lived in South Africa as a child. Later, as a single mom raising three kids on a social worker’s salary, she wasn’t able to take her kids globe-trekking to explore cultures and new dishes, but she would hunt down authentic restaurants and treat us to tastes from around the world (which wasn’t an easy feat when you lived in upstate New York in the 80s).

I was floored by how much cuisine varied depending on where you lived, and I was enamored by all the flavors the Earth provides. I wanted to learn, see and taste it all. I would come home from those special dinners and teach myself how to recreate the dishes, breaking down the ingredients so I could build them back up into a homemade meal. I still do that reverse engineering of dishes today, and it drives me to source and create the best tasting, highest quality organic spices and blends on the planet.

Meals Bring People Together & That’s What We’re All About
Spices are a big part of what makes our recipes and meals special. Good food brings us closer to the people around our tables, and it connects us to cultures near and far. Meals go beyond just nourishing our bodies, they nourish our hearts and spirits too.

Fair & Direct-Trade = Happy Farmers = The Tastiest Organic Spices
For us, fair-trade is so much more than a bumper sticker. I personally know and have visited many of the farmers who grow the herbs and spices you’ll find in our products. I’ve seen first-hand how fair and direct-trade fuels the production of the highest quality spices and helps farming communities thrive. Whether you’re preparing an Instagram-worthy dinner party, or just flavoring up your favorite canned soup for a weekday lunch, when you’re using Pinch spices, you’re not only adding amazing flavor, you’re supporting organic farming families around the world.

Thank you for letting me into your kitchen, which we all know is the heart of every home. I’m honored and thrilled to share the best spices in the world with you.

Thomas “Shoebocks” McGee
Founder, Owner & Your Spice Guy