5 Recipes To Get Your Grill Started This Spring

by | Apr 5, 2023

As my Mom used to say “Spring is Springing”, and for many of us that means breaking out the grill!

Get the fire started with these simple barbecue recipes paired with our organic BBQ rubs and spices.

Happy BQQ’ing,

1. Greek Grilled Chicken with Lemon

Bring a little party to your grill with this bright recipe for grilled chicken.

Be sure to scoop up our popular organic Greek seasoning here.

 2. Grilled Carne Asada

Make the most tender and flavorful carne asada you’ve ever tasted with this Carne Asada recipe.

Find our organic carne asada spice here.

 3. Ranch Grilled Chicken

Use our Pinch Valley Ranch as an overnight marinade to create this scrumptious chicken.

Check out the recipe here, and pick up our 5-star organic dry Ranch seasoning here.

 4. Amazing Grilled Salmon

The trick to this recipe is a hot grill and the wonderful flavors in our organic Marsh’s Sitka Salmon Rub.

Find the recipe for Grilled Salmon here.

 5. Harissa BBQ Chicken

This is a recipe we can’t stop making. Check out the recipe for Harissa BBQ here, and be sure to score our organic Harissa seasoning here.

Happy Grilling!



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