Meet Megan Collins, Pinch Chef & Recipe Maker

by | May 3, 2021

M Collins, Pinch recipe creator and chef

So Who Is This Fabulous “Megan” Creating So Many Delicious Recipes?

Well, Megan Collins is a hardcore Pinch customer turned amazing Pinch food blogger/home cook from Kansas City, Missouri, now residing in Portland, Oregon. She first came across Pinch by visiting our original brick and mortar store in Wicker Park (super retro Pinch!) while on a trip to Chicago in 2013.

She says she was blown away by the quality and fun names of the products, and ended up buying Buffy’s Slayer Helper, one for herself and one as a gift. Ever since, Pinch has become a mainstay in her home.

After tagging Pinch Spice Market in an Instagram Post, a dialog was started that would continue even after our move to Kentucky. We fell in love with the meals she was whipping up and asked if she’d like to become an official Pinch chef and recipe creator, and now here we are today!

What Else About Megan?

Megan currently works full time as a QA specialist for a music distributor and lives with her partner and two chubby cats.

She enjoys cooking (obviously,) singing, writing, roller skating, (though a relatively recent hobby,) trying to keep up with technology and social media. She appreciates nature, reading everything from YA on up, and is an avid pop culture fact collector.

Get to Know Her…

You can find all of Megan’s recipes on our blog here, or go check out your favorite Pinch blends and look for the “Recipes with <Spice Blend>” tab under the spice’s pictures.

Be sure to also check out her @WTFisMeganEating on Facebook and on Instagram.


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