The Spices You Loved This Year | The 10 Best Sellers of 2021

by | Dec 27, 2021

most popular spices of 2021

Let’s see which spices you loved the most this year…

P.S. If you don’t know us yet, all of our spices are certified organic and we buy fair and direct trade from farmers. We grind spices and handmake blends in small batches (for ultimate freshness) in our Louisville spice factory. We’re a small family-run business and you learn more about us here.

#10: Chili Powder

the best salt-free chili powder from Pinch

We’re always tickled when we get messages saying our organic chili powder helped people win chili cook-offs. This salt-free seasoning bursts with flavor and doesn’t need those fake flavorings and additives other spice brands use to try to fake freshness and character. We use an array of chilies to give this a large depth of flavor, and sassafras and sage balance the heat out for a chili the whole family will love.

Buy organic chili powder here.

#9: Sizzling Montreal Steak Seasoning

organic montreal steak pepper salt seasoning

A peppery and salty Montreal steak seasoning perfect for your next rib eye. Our customers say this is the best beef seasoning theyโ€™ve ever found. Of course itโ€™s great on steak, but is good on pretty much everything you want to season, including broccoli, eggs, potatoes, burgers, asparagus, french fries, pork chops and seitan.

Buy Sizzling Steak here.

#8: Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

certified organic real Ceylon cinnamon from Sri Lanka

Often referred to as “True Cinnamon”, Ceylon is native to Sri Lanka (formerly called Ceylon), and we’ve literally walked the certified organic farms where this comes from. Itโ€™s a luxurious, special gourmet cinnamon that will transform your desserts and savory dishes. Most people think of cinnamon as a very basic and direct flavor, but this Ceylon variation is so much more. It tastes like cinnamon candy, with both sweet and a tiny bit of hot tones. There’s notes of vanilla, flowers and sarsaparilla in addition to the sweet cinnamon flavor.

Buy the best Ceylon cinnamon here.

#7: Spice Melange: A Southwest Arrakis Seasoning

Dune spice melange to eat on food

We have a hunch that the new Dune movie helped pump up the sales of our Spice Melange seasoning in 2021 (which we made a decade ago and is named after a spice reference in Dune), but we also saw many of those first-time buyers coming back for more because they got hooked on its flavor. This Southwest Tex Mex seasoning has strong cumin, ancho and garlic notes and works well on tacos, chicken, enchiladas, tofu, steak, pork chops, root veggies, broccoli, rice and beans, popcorn, dips, and pretty much anything you can think of.

Buy Spice Melange here.

#6: Black Malabar Peppercorns

close up of black malabar peppercorns

People are often amazed at the difference between the tin-jar ground pepper they grew up on and our Black Malabar pepper. Black Malabar peppercorns are picked less close to ripeness, which makes them very aromatic with spicy notes and a subtle fruity aroma. They really pop in your cooking and when added as a finishing touch.

Buy whole black Malabar pepper here or freshly ground black Malabar pepper here.

#5: Taco Town

organic mild taco seasoning kid friendly

Finally, a taco seasoning that’s clean, organic and something the whole family can love. We made sure this was both kid and adult approved (not spicy, but full of flavor).

It’s an easy way to up your taco game and you can finally leave those stale, chemical-laden grocery store packs in the dust, where they belong.

Buy our organic taco seasoning here.

#4: Finger Lickin’ Chicken

organic poultry seasoning

The poultry seasoning of all the poultry seasonings. Whether you’re grilling chicken, making a turkey, whipping up a soup, or just want to add depth to vegetable dishes (its vegan), this versatile blend brings a richness and depth to your food. It’s the spice to grab when you want to add a little “something something” to your meal.

Buy Finger Lickin’ Chicken here.

#3: Garlic Granules

organic garlic granules california usa

The most delicious and fragrant certified organic garlic, grown in rich Californian soil and fresh from harvest. Truly a game changer. You can’t find this kind of quality on grocery store shelves.

Buy organic US-grown garlic granules here.

#2: Ras El Hanout

organic ras el hanout authentic blend

Our warm and floral North African blend of 26 spices. Translated from Arabic, it means “Head of the Shop”, and is a way for spice merchants to highlight their spices.

It’s nearly impossible to find an authentic, full-flavored version in the USA as most US spice companies use a lame 6-10 spices and try to pass it off as Ras El Hanout, but you’d be laughed out of the markets in Africa and the Middle East if you tried that. It’s great in savory dishes, as a meat or fish rub, and added to rice, couscous and pasta.

Buy Ras El Hanout here.

#1: Buffy’s Slayer Helper


This should come as no surprise to those of you who have already tried Buffy. Our insanely yummy garlic seasoning (with bonus vampire protection) is perfect for pasta, garlic bread, pizza, eggs and pretty much anything.

Once you try it, you’re a convert for life. It’s no joke, people are ordering this by the pound. It’s also one of the spices Thomas and I use the most at home.

Buy Buffy here.


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So what do you think ~ did your favorite Pinch spice make the list? What’s your favorite?


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