7 Housewarming Gifts They’ll Actually Love

by | Oct 13, 2021

what to get someone who just bought a house

Buying a new home is super exciting! And it’s also stressful and overwhelming at times. Be an awesome friend and support and celebrate your friend/family’s new endeavors by sending them one of these cool, useful and fun housewarming gifts.


#7 – Cutting Board Engraved with Their New Home Location

new house cutting board gift

We got this as a gift from a dear friend and loved it! Every time we use it we think of her. Find it on Etsy here.


#6 – The Always Pan

a pan they'll use all the time

We use this pan at least five times a week and we’ve gifted it to friends we know love to cook too. Seriously stick free, so you don’t have to use as much butter or oil when cooking. A nice, even heat and super functional, light weight pan. Cooks food perfectly, cleans up easy and it looks super sweet.

It comes with a steamer basket for veggies and this sweet wooden spatula that rests securely on the handle (genius). We also got the bamboo spruce steamer add-on for homemade dumplings and other fun things.

Buy the Always Pan here and get $20 off your order.


#5 – An Indoor or Outdoor Avocado Tree (or Another Nice Plant)

plant and tree for new home gift

We gifted a cold hardy avocado tree to ourselves when we moved in to our new home in Louisville, and it lives in our dining room to this day. It’s a great way to welcome some brightness into their new home. Plus, every new house has a spot where it could use some vertical beauty. Shop shippable trees and plants at BrighterBlooms.com.


#4 – A Massage or Weightless Float Session at a Local Spa

give a massage gift

Moving sucks. Even if you hire movers, you’re going to still be doing a ton of work. Help them wash off the stress and ease those muscles with a massage or float session at a spa close to them.


#3 – The Finest Olive Oil from Brightland

brightland high quality olive oil gift set

A housewarming gift for people who love to cook (or just eat tons of delicious crusty bread dipped in the finest olive oil). This high quality olive oil comes from Californian farms, has no fillers or artificial preservatives and is made in small batches. Plus, it’s beautiful. Bonus – use this link and get $10 off.


#2 – Comfort Food from Goldbelly

send food to friends for new home

Send them a delicious meal from Goldbelly so they have something yummy to eat in their new kitchen. If they moved to a different state, send one that reminds them of home by checking out their regional offerings. And you can never go wrong with sending frozen pizza from amazing pizza joints all over the country.

Bonus – New to Goldbelly? Sign up here and get $15 off your first order.


#1 – Freshen Up Their Spice Cabinet with a Pinch Organic Spice Gift Box

bbq rubs blends for meat lovers gift box

Ok, we may be a bit bias here, but this is legit – how many times are they gonna move with those old crusty spices? Give them the gift of fresh flavor with new organic spices and blends from your favorite spice shop. Our BBQ Lover’s box is pictured above, and we have all different kinds of spice gifts so you can find the seasonings that fit their cooking style (international seasonings from around the world, garlic and heat lover’s bundles, gourmet salts, Indian masalas, and more).

Shop gourmet organic spice gift boxes here and full size spice bundles here.



A note: We want to say we’re not paid to list any of these products, we truly love them and have given them as housewarming gifts ourselves! In some case we may use a referral link to get you a coupon, and we may receive a coupon or discount in return.


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