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by | Nov 20, 2021

pinch spice black friday sale 2021

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Give Spices, Get Spices!

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Thankful for you


We’re Sending Our Love & Gratitude to You

Greetings Pinch friends and family! We’re so fortunate to be growing fast thanks to you gifting your loved ones with our spices, spreading the word about your favorite little organic spice shop.

We cannot thank you enough. Our farmers thank you too. We think about you all the time, and hope you’re enjoying the spices.

Thank You for Changing the World (You Really Are)

By choosing Pinch, you’re helping dismantle the ugly side of spice farming (unlivable wages, child labor, dangerous chemicals, and unsafe working conditions), and strengthening fair and direct trade organic spice farming, which is kind to the spices, the people harvesting and eating the spices, and the Earth.

Because of you, many spice farmers around the globe are healthy and living their best lives. Their children get to attend school instead of being forced to work the fields, and thanks to the help of some global non-governmental organizations, our farmer partners are teaching their neighbors how to get out of the poverty of traditional spice farming and clean up their land for certified organic fair trade farming.

The spice landscape is slowly changing, and it’s beautiful to witness. Thank you for making it possible by shopping organic, direct and fair trade with us.

You’re Getting Only the Highest Quality Organic Herbs & Spices. Here’s a Peak Into The Journey Before They Hit Your Front Porch…

Our promise to you is that we’ll never stop searching for the freshest, highest quality organic flavors.


We see our spices as tiny seedlings as we enthusiastically stroll our organic farmers lands across the United States, Sri Lanka and India (and virtually explored other small family farms in other parts of the world).


We’ve seen the spice trees, bushes, roots and flowers grow strong thanks to clean soil and water, warm sun and healthy pollinators (like bees). We’ve witnessed the spices be gently and responsibly harvested, ensuring healthy new growth for the next harvest.


We’ve visited the family-owned and operated spice drying farms where they naturally use dry steam to clean and dry them (no chemicals ever used and ours are never irradiated), then quickly ship them to us by air or sea at the peak of their freshness.

Arriving at Pinch in Louisville KY

Our friendly semi-truck partners then bring them the final stretch to our Louisville spice shop. The trucker often jumps out and asks “Holy cow, what is that amazing smell?!” We’re then tickled to introduce them to spices they may have never heard of, and give them samples of the intoxicating smells they’ve been hauling around for hours. We then get to work grinding them and handcrafting them into the Pinch blends you know and love.

The Freshness of the Spices Coming to Your Home

Once you make your order, we get it ready within the same or next business day, grinding, making and bagging your spices. The spices you’re getting are often just a few weeks or months old after harvest (compared to most store spices which often sit on boats and in storage facilities for 8-24+ months after harvest). Your spices are then packed with care by Meaghan or Thomas, and sent off to the post office or UPS.

When we send Pinch spices into the world, we can’t help but think about the next chapter of their lives, and where they wind up – A family’s warm and bustling kitchen? A beloved low-lit neighborhood restaurant exploring new flavors? A student’s tiny NYC kitchenette who’s craving flavors from home? A seasoned home chef looking to challenge themselves with new dishes? A bartender experimenting with bitters? An adventurous young chef just beginning their culinary journey?

There’s days when we smile knowing our fresh ground spicy Bird’s Eye Chili Pepper will bring some serious warmth to the home it’s being shipped to in Alaska, or give a nod and wink to the Texas Mojo that just found its way back to its roots in Austin.

With each Turmeric or Pumpkin Spice Latte, we imagine sending a cup of peace and relaxation to the person. With each gift box or bundle we put together, we think about the person who is about to be surprised with flavors they may never have heard of before, or maybe ones near and dear to them.

We send a little culinary blessing along with every order, hoping it brings you joy.

We’re So Lucky to Be Your Spice Merchants

Thank you for supporting our small business. We absolutely love what we do, and we hope that love is expressed through the quality of our spices.

Please know you are in our hearts this Thanksgiving, and every day. We are truly honored to be a small part of your meals. Thank you for choosing us. Thank you for shopping small and fair trade. You are making a difference, and you’re in our hearts, always.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours.



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