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by | Jun 28, 2020

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We know you’ve always wondered, “If Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was a spice, what would he be?” Welcome to Celebrity Spice Match Up, where all your questions are answered…

dwayne johnson rock bbq spices

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson = Memphis Rib Rub

The Rock is used to getting tanning lotion rubbed all over his ribs for his rousing Friday Night Smackdowns. And we like to think he’d like to return the favor to some choice pork products. We daydream about him caressing our Memphis Rib Rub all over his racks of meat. Can you smell… what The Rock is cookin’?!Buy Memphis Rib Rub here.

celebrity spice match chris cuomo bbq

Chris Cuomo = Honey Chipotle BBQ

Sweet and spicy, he’s the perfect blend of keeping it real while adding in a touch of honey when ya need it. His powerful, smokey voice electrifies the air and makes you hang on to his every word, just like Honey Chipotle BBQ’s organic chipotle peppers. Plus, we’d all love to get hot and heavy with him…while grilling up some juicy wings (get your head outta the gutter). Go ahead, sprinkle some Cuomo on your favorite slice of meat – Buy Honey Chipotle BBQ here.

conan organic spice match up

Conan O’Brien = Sweet & Sassy Pork

Ah, Conan O’Brien, everyone’s favorite 6’4 Irish red head. He’s cheeky and saucy, and his jokes will make you tingle all over, just like our Sweet and Sassy Pork. Try something spicy that will have you howling for more – Shop Sweet & Sassy Pork spice rub.

sarah michelle gellar buffy's slayer spice

Sarah Michelle Gellar = Buffy’s Slayer Helper

Um, of course SMG is going to be matched with her Buffy namesake. This vampire slayer is loaded with multiple high quality organic garlic varietals, giving a garlic punch your mouth with adore.This bad-ass garlic-lover’s blend is just like Buffy – with hot kicks of chili flakes and some dashes of parsley, sea salt and basil to round out her sweet gal image. Shop Buffy’s Slayer Helper here.

David Schitts Creek Spice Match Up

Dan Levy (David Rose on Schitt’s Creek) = Balsamic Salt

He’s as silky as his leopard-printed satin boxer shorts (we imagine that’s his style), but he’s also got a sassy, salty bite. He’ll make you pucker in the most delightful way, just like our Balsamic Salt. He’s dripping extravagance, same as our kosher flake pacific sea salt, which is richly infused with luxurious, locally-made balsamic vinegar. Buy his Balsamic Salt here.

Brene Brown spice cooking match

Brené Brown = Black Truffle Salt

Brené is all about uncovering your true self, and so is our Black Truffle Salt. We cure Italian black summer truffles in fine kosher pacific sea and French grey salt. The result is a dreamy nutty, oaky, earthy, sweet and juicy salty mixture that dazzles everything you sprinkle it on.

Truffles grow elusively below the soil in open woodlands. These hidden gems are rich in flavor, but you must be willing to do the work to get them. The trick is to look for the absence of plant life under trees, then you gently scrape the surface and hope you find riches. You scrape, and scrape, and scrape. It can get difficult and frustrating. But its right when you’re about to give up – when you’re pushed to your limits – that you decide to power through and then, only then, is when you find your golden black truffle and can reap its rewards. Brené would be proud of you. But luckily you do don’t have to do any of that soul-searching journeying stuff to get your truffle fix – just buy our Black Truffle Salt and call it a day (Brené would understand).

peachy pie spice mix and leslie jordan match up

Leslie Jordan = It’s Just Peachy

Well sh#t, what ya’ll doing? We’re baking pies while pillow-talking with our most favorite peach, Leslie Jordan. He’s just dripping with juicy stories that are keeping us sane during this quarantine. His Southern drawl matches perfectly with our organic pie mix. With It’s Just Peachy, it’s easy to whip up some Southern pies…just mix with peaches, plop in a pie crust and bake for a traditional pie, or you can add it to your cobbler or sprinkle on fresh peaches. Go ahead, indulge in some pie while you spend the afternoon soaking Leslie up on Instagram. And don’t worry about the extra calories, he’s got a few workout regimens for that – Buy It’s Just Peachy here.

alf celebrity organic spice match

Alf = Spice Melange

“He who controls the Spice, controls the Universe.”Dune. Well, we’re going to break it to you — Alf controls all of the spice. He always has, he always will. – Shop Spice Melange here and introduce Alf’s insanely good flavors into your Universe.


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