We’re constantly inspired by these chefs and we wanted share them with you…

Our Favorite Food Blogs for the Best Recipes & Inspiration

A Brown Table

a brown table foodie blog

Nik’s recipes are inspired by his roots in India and America. His dishes are warm, comforting and rich. If you dig Indian flavors, you need to bookmark his site. You also have to check out a recipe he published earlier this year in the San Fransisco Chronicle for pressure-cooker dal makhani (link on his website). Visit his blog.

A Classic Twist

A Classic Twist Recipe Blog

Zainab is a baker, home chef and neuroscientist who bakes delicious, flavor-packed treats that are also works of art. She was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone and loves to travel. Her global influence is reflected strongly in her drool-worthy creations. Be sure to try out her apple spice cake with cinnamon frosting. Visit Zainab’s website.

A Wholesome World

a wholesome new world recipes

Husband and wife Amanda and Marc team up to make amazing dishes rooted in local food. Their recipes are straight-forward and accessible, while also being beautiful and worthy of being plated at a your favorite restaurant. Give their lobster bisque a try. Visit their website.

ABCDs of Cooking

American Born Confused Desi

“ABCD” stands for “American Born Confused Desi” (“Desi” is a term sometimes used to describe someone from South Asia who was raised in the USA). Chitra proudly owns that term in her culinary blog, which highlights South and North Indian vegetarian fare birthed from local ingredients from New York City and other cities she visits. She also makes Indian condiments you can buy on her website. Checkout it out.

Add a Pinch

Add a Pinch blog and cookbook

Beside’s (obviously) picking an awesome name for her blog and cookbook, Robyn is a modern Southern cook who blends classic tastes from the South with accessible easy weekday recipes. Her BBQ ranch chicken cobb salad can make anyone a salad lover. Visit Robyn’s website.

Alicia’s Pepper Pot

Alica pepper pot blog

Alica’s family is from Guyana and she created the blog because she didn’t want the meals she grew up on to get lost. Now we all benefit from her sharing her family’s delicious Indo-Caribbean recipes. She has a West Indian pepper sauce recipe that may take some work, but you’ll wind up with a spicy, addictive masterpiece in the end. Visit Alica’s blog.

Betty Liu

Betty Liu food blogger photographer

Betty is an incredible photographer and storyteller. This is just such a beautiful website. Her food is influenced by her parent’s traditional Chinese cooking. Her mom often cooked Shanghai comfort food and her dad also cooked Chinese, but he also showed her how to get creative by mixing in other cuisines. We love that her recipes are organized by the seasons. Visit her stunning website.

Christina Cooks

christina cooks blog and recipes

You may already know Christina from her same-named public television show. She’s a plant-based chef focused on heart healthy and tasty meals. She’s seen the power of clean, healthy food improve her health (she had some serious health issues), and she’s helping others realize it doesn’t have to be rocket science. Checkout her curry-packed scrambled chickpea and broccoli dish. Visit her website.

Cookie and Kate

Kate and dog food blog

Someone who puts their dog’s name before their own is good people. Cookie and Kate are from Oklahoma and serve up vegetarian recipes made with whole, nourishing foods. Her Thai-spiced rice bowl is a mic-dropper, check it out. Visit their website.

Damn Delicious

Damn Delicious food blog

Chungah started Damn Delicious, which has grown into a team of food lovers from around the word, including her adorable “mascot” Butters the Corgie (there’s dog food recipes on there too). We love they have a “freezer friendly” recipe category, and you must try their creamy mushroom spinach orzo. Visit Damn Delicious.

Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella

Ella and Matt are a UK-based husband and wife team who run their healthy, conscious-food website, deli and food products business. Ella started her path to clean eating due to a serious illness, which she was able to take control of by changing her diet. She’ll show you how to make peanut butter from scratch and makes a mean “bang bang” cauliflower. Visit their website.

Dinner then Desert

Sabrina food blogger

Sabrina is a personal chef who is sharing her cooking and baking secrets. She’ll teach ya what frog eye salad is, and she has a solid slow cooker section with goodies like salsa verde chicken, honey apple pork loin and Korean short ribs. Visit Sabrina’s website.

Divas Can Cook

Monique culinary blogger

Monique focuses on traditional Southern food, and says you don’t “have to look like a Southern grandma in order to cook like one”. Her genuineness and love for food comes through her easy-to-follow video recipes. Three (or four?) words for ya: Southern-style fried pickles. Go visit her website.

Fit Men Cook

Kevin Curry blog

Kevin’s reclaimed his health by eating better, and now he’s showing the rest of us (not just men) how to do the same by focusing on nourishing food for our bodies. He’ll show you meal preps, low-carb meals that actually taste good, and heart-healthy, veggie-friendly options. Give his Tex Mex Shakshuka a try. Checkout his website.

Flour on My Face

Flour on My Face recipes

As a mom, Arlene understands what it’s like to be busy and not have a ton of time to cook. She offers great home-cooked meals that let you sit down and enjoy crowd-pleasing food with your loved ones. Her Instapot recipes are make it east to make comforting weekday meals. Go to Flour on My Face’s website.

The Food Gays

the food gays make great food

Jeremy and Adrian are a cooking-couple from Vancouver who make beautiful food. We love that they don’t forget about the most important meal of the day – breakfast (and brunch). They can wake you up with their cashew spirulina smoothie bowl, and they can put you into a wonderful post-brunch nap with their chorizo, cheddar and spinach waffles. Visit their website.

Forks Over Knives

vegetarian and vegan recipes

This all started with one man – Brian, who changed his life by turning to a plant-based diet. It’s now a global veggie movement, and the website has dozens of contributors — from doctors and nutritionists to Alicia Silverstone and famous chefs. Meat eaters will also dig a lot of these recipes. There’s everything from mushroom-basil au gratin to healthy homemade pizza (that’s not gross) and vegan carrot cake. Visit Forks Over Knives.

Hip Food Mom

cooking blog hip food mom

Alice makes Asian-inspired vegetarian and meat dishes with seasonal, local ingredients from her farmer’s market. She has a degree in culinary nutrition, and offers gluten-free recipes. Take a peak at her healthy veggie chow mein and her spinach, mushroom and artichoke galette. Go to her website.

The Hungry Hutch

aaron cooks up delicious meals

Aaron Hutcherson (where the “Hutch” comes from) clearly loves to cook and he has fun with it (see adorable whacky shirt). He’s dedicated himself to learning the craft of cooking and pushing himself outside of comfort zones, and he also makes great classic dishes too. His lamb chops with herb-mint sauce deserves a million bookmarks, and just looking at his brown-butter banana bread recipe makes us drool. Visit The Hungry Hutch.

Jehan Can Cook

jcc food blog

Jehan’s originally from Guyana. She posts authentic recipes that her Mom would make, as well as modernized versions for our busy lifestyles. If you’ve never heard of aranitas (fried “spider” plantains), you need to get to know her recipe. Also, the next soup you make needs to be her Caribbean chicken soup with parsley and dumplings. Go to her website.

Jessica in the Kitchen

jitk food blogger

After being sick for a decade, Jessica turned to whole, organic, natural food and went vegetarian. It changed her life. She now shares those simple clean recipes that helped turn her health around. Her favorite dish is her vegan and gluten-free coconut chickpea curry and for good reason – put that on your must-try list! Visit Jessica’s blog.

Kitchen Konfidence

Best Food blogs list

Brandon comes from an Italian and Eastern European family, and, as he says, his comfort zone was pizza, pasta and pierogies. When he moved to San Diego, he started exploring local flavors. Thanks to the nearby border, he dipped into Mexican cuisine and other international flavors thanks to San Diego’s multi-cultural neighborhoods. His recipes reflect his roots and his new learnings. Be sure to give his meyer lemon polenta cake a looksee! Visit Kitchen Kofidence.

Latino Foodie

Art and Stephen foodies

Art and Stephen share traditional and modern interpretations of primarily Mexican dishes. From picadillo to milanesa de res, they will let you in on some amazing Latin dishes. For a new dish for family gatherings or holiday meals, checkout their calabaza en tacha stuffed pork loin. Go explore the Latino Foodie website.

Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

lck organic food blog

Lexi’s food journey began when she started linking her health issues to the food she ate. As she changed her diet, her health improved. Now she’s on a mission to share healthy, easy-to-make meals. Most of her recipes use simple, straightforward ingredients and take less than 30 minutes to whip up. They’re often gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, refined sugar-free and soy-free. She also has some vegan/vegetarian recipes too. Visit her website.


clean food recipes

Ally is a certified nutritional therapist who started Loveleaf to help regular folks learn how to fit healthy, nourishing foods into our busy lives. She offers cleanses and personalized nutritional support, and she shares her recipes with all. You’ll see a lot of green in her recipes as well as a lot of gluten-free meals, and there’s nothing boring about them. Give her broccoli pesto bowls with Job’s tears a try and you’ll see what we’re talking about. Visit Loveleaf.

Mark Bittman

mark bittman recipes

Mark is a legend in the food industry. He was the lead food writer for The New York Times, has written for nearly every major newspaper in the USA, and has published more than 20 books, including Food Matters, VB6: Eat Vegan Before 6:00 and How to Cook Everything. This man knows food. He’ll teach you everything you need to know. Read everything on his site, but pay special attention to these two recipes: Jook (get to know it!) & slow-cooked brussels sprouts with lemograss. Visit MarkBittman.com.

Mary’s Test Kitchen

Recipes for dinner and more

Mary “veganizes” dishes she loves, including many Vietnamese, Cantonese and Japanese meals. This is a great resources or vegans or anyone who wants to include more veggies into their lives. Believe in her vegan honey butter chicken! Visit Mary’s vegan website.

My Name is Yeh

recipes for all

Molly moved from Brooklyn to a farm on the North Dakota and Minnesota border. Her husband is a farmer and she spends most of her days playing with food. Her recipes are inspired by her Chinese and Jewish roots, traveling, her mom, her time in New York, her farm, the seasons and the 90s. She’s got some really fun, beautiful recipes going on, including a cake with a unicorn on top of it. Go see Molly’s website.

Natasha’s Kitchen

natasha recipes and cooking

Natasha calls herself the Ukrainian foodie. You’ll subsequently find a lot of Ukrainian and Russian dishes on her site. There’s also a wonderful dessert section, where you’ll find lots of goodies like her stunning poppy seed cake. Check out her recipes and shake up your next get together with her hot shrimp dip. Visit Natasha’s website.

The Organic Kitchen

fresh cooking ideas from linda

Linda highlights the goodness of organic, natural food in her recipes. She has this amazing recent blog post of 20 organic healthy dips you need to see, which includes a spiced carrot dip, chipolte cashew dip and jalenpeno cilantro hummus, just to name a few. Visit The Organic Kitchen.

The Organic Momma

find clean meal ideas here

Catherine takes the full approach when going organic – from food to skincare, clothing, homegoods, baby gear and everything else in between. She has a recipe section that isn’t updated that often, but she has some great ones for organic sweets. Go see her coconut flour cupcakes, strawberry frozen yogurt and sprouted flour birthday cake. Go to TheOrganicMomma.com.

Pinch of Yum

POY team

Another brilliantly-named blog, if we do say so ourselves. Lindsay started this blog, which now has a bunch of talented cooks contributing to it. You’ll find dishes like brussels sprouts tacos, cilantro lime chicken and lentil rice bowls and something called life-changing crispy fried pizza, which we need to make ASAP. Visit Pinch of Yum’s website.

The Pioneer Woman

food you and your kids will love

Ree is a feisty Oklahoman who loves to cook and is “obsessed with butter, Basset Hounds and Ethel Merman”. Now those are some things we can get behind. She has her own show on The Food Network, has been all over the major TV networks, has published cookbooks and has done a whole lot more (just checkout her site to see things like her own line of bed sheets). Her recipes feel like hugs and include a bunch of 16-minute meals, “cowboy food” like smothered pork chops, and some thoughtful dishes like Edna Mae’s escalloped cabbage. Visit her website.

The Recipe Critic

recipe critic website one of best foodies

Alyssa lives in Utah with her husband and four kiddos. She makes recipes that can be executed quickly. Some of her creations include classics like Italian wedding soup, goulash and cheese balls, and fun dishes like a winter Cobb salad and Southwest sausage and egg stuffed mushrooms. Go to the Recipe Critic’s website.

Sally’s Baking Addiction

baking recipes

Sally is a mom, wife and rescue-dog lover living in Maryland. She whips up some serious treats. If you follow her recipes, you’ll be everyone’s favorite dessert maker. Don’t miss her banoffe pie, pumpkin pie bars or chai latte cupcakes. This woman is TALENTED. Visit her baking blog.

The Salty Marshmallow

fresh ideas for good food

Nichole’s a midwest mom who loves comfort food and works to cook healthy food for her family. You’ll find a lot of easy classic American recipes and Instapot ideas. This is the perfect blog for parents who need to cook meals their kids will actually eat. Also, take a look at her sesame pork lettuce wraps for a low carb meal treat. Visit A Salty Marshmallow.com.

Serious Eats

SE best food blog

We had to include Serious Eats on this list because they’ve influenced our cooking so much, especially Kenji’s Food Lab. There’s excellent information about cooking techniques and the recipes are endless. If you only have a few minutes on their website, get to know their French onion strata and Chinese-style layered omelette. They also created the “croque madame”, which is a must-know for hangovers or for any human who likes gooey cheese, ham and egg. Go to Serious Eat’s website.

Simple, Sweet & Savory

sister chefs

Erin and Shannon are sisters dedicated to good food. Don’t miss their gluten-free loaded taco zucchini boats, mushroom mozzarella risotto balls and their Grandmother’s Hundred Dollar Cake recipes (which legend says comes from her buying the recipe for a hundred bucks). Visit their website.

Skinny Taste

healthy food options

Gina is a New Yorker who serves up recipes full of seasonal, clean, whole foods and offers healthy, family-friendly versions of popular meals. Here’s a quick sneak peak: Buffalo chicken egg rolls, Philly cheesesteak stuffed mushrooms, orecchiette pasta with chicken sausage and broccoli, no bake peanut butter pie, and cauliflower rice chicken biryani. See many more recipes on her website.

Southern Souffle

southern usa recipes

Erika is a super star the Southern culinary world and an expert in African American food. She’s been published all over the place, and for good reason. Not only does she create killer recipes, she writes about social justice and how food impacts communities. We all need to be having more of those conversations. From warm spicy gumbo dip and catfish burgers to banana creme french toast and peach molasses tarts, you will love it all. Visit Erica’s site.

Steven Raichlen’s Barbecue Bible

BBQ Legend shares recipes

We have been drooling over Steven’s work for many years. This man knows meat and he is spreading his gospel through TV, cookbooks and America’s top newspapers. He also hosts Barbecue University classes at a resort in Colorado (what we give to be a part of that!). Checkout all his work, but especially his caveman pork chops with poblano pan-fry, Thai-grilled game hen with mango slaw and his Cape Town lamb. Visit Steven’s website.

Sweet Savant

recipes from demetra

Demetra is a personal chef who love to source fresh food from local farms and markets. Her recipes are comforting and she gives clear instruction so you feel confident trying things out. Go see what she’s up to and make sure to find her sweet tea brined and fried baby back ribs and her hasselback pork loin with pumpkin alfredo sauce. Go to Demetra’s website.

Tastes Better From Scratch

a great cooking blog to follow

Lauren keeps busy with her three kids under five years old (!) but she still finds time to share some great recipes. Her mom taught her that making everything from scratch is not only cheaper, but it’s healthier for you than the store-bought stuff. If you’ve ever wanted to make bread at home, see her bread section. Give her breakfast casserole a shot and be sure to look up her apple cake recipe. Visit Lauren’s website.

This Organic Girl

natural meals that taste good

Lisa went all-in on organic living a few years ago after witness her mom go through a serious illness. Once she started researching the kind of toxic chemicals that were in food, beauty products, clothing and everything else, she moved her family into the organic world and hasn’t looked back. Her blog features organic recipes, products and resources, and is a must-read for people wanting to live more naturally. Make sure to bookmark her kale and sausage soup. Visit her website.

Well Plated

meals you and your body will love

Erin’s turned her cooking hobby into a full-time blogging job. Her recipes highlight minimally processed ingredients, fresh seasonal produce and healthy fats. Her Cuban black beens and rice with roasted peppers and plantains should become a staple in all of our lives, and take a look at her crockpot tortellini soup. Visit Well Plated.

What’s Cooking Good Looking

eat well and look great

Jodi is a formally trained natural food chef who creates creative, wholesome (not boring) recipes from what she’s got growing in her garden or what the local farmer’s markets provide. She believes what you eat makes you feel and look better. Check out her brussels sprout latkes with maple mustard yogurt and her harissa and coconut milk baked delicata squash with lentils and almonds. Visit Jodi’s website.

White Plate, Blank Slate

creative meals everyone will like

Erin is a working mom who wants to help others by creating easy recipes so it’s not impossible to have a homemade meal in the middle of a busy week. Her two darling “sous chefs” Chef Eclair and Chef Nutmeg like to help out sometimes too. Look up her Italian chicken skillet with mozzarella and tomatoes and her ramp and leek fritters. Visit WPBS’s website.

Whole Lifestyle Nutrition

food and nutrition together

Hallie’s quest for nutritious meals came from her fight with an autoimmune disease. She creates tasty meals to heal her body from the inside out. This is a great resource for people struggling with similar issues (one of us at Pinch has an autoimmune issue and we know the struggle is real). You can learn how to make things from scratch here, like organic sourdough bread, and you’ll also find meal plans and one-off great recipes like her coconut lime cilantro rice. Visit Hallie’s website.



So, who did we miss on this list? We’d love to learn about your favorite culinary blogs. Post their names in the comments and we’ll check them out.

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