Grilled Greek Style Chicken with Fresh Lemon

organic greek mediterranean spice mix

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Delicious, bright, exciting, fun….Opa!!! This recipe was the test subject for creating our Greek Opa! Seasoning. With just a few ingredients you are able to make amazing, crowd-pleasing grilled chicken. We used chicken thighs and a charcoal grill, but the recipe will work with any type of chicken and your gas grill or oven. Plan ahead, as this recipe really shines when you marinate the chicken overnight.




  1. MARINADE THE NIGHT BEFORE: Quarter 1 lemon and juice it into into a small bowl. Add olive oil and our Greek Seasoning. Whisk to combine. Add chicken to a bowl and coat with the Greek-lemon-oil marinade. Cover and refrigerate overnight. (Note if you want additional marinade to pour order the chicken before serving, double this recipe and refrigerate in a separate jar).
  2. Set the grill up for indirect cooking.
  3. Quarter the 2nd lemon (we’ll be squeezing fresh lemon on the chicken as we grill).
  4. Place chicken skin-side-up over the hot section of the grill. Cook for 3-5 minutes, monitor closely to avoid any flare ups.
  5. Move chicken to the cool side of the grill, cover and cook for 30-45 minutes. Periodically squeeze fresh lemon over the chicken while it cooks. Cook time will very depending on your grill temp, configuration, and the size or the chicken. Use a thermometer for accurate readings. I like to pull the chicken when it reaches 155F and let it rest for 10-15 minutes covered in foil. The temperature of the chicken will then rise to 165F during the rest period.
  6. Salt to taste and serve with additional fresh lemon thin wedges on the top or side, or make additional marinade and serve with that poured over the chicken.