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Happy holidays, ya’ll! We are wishing you some delicious holiday eatin’ with all your loved ones sitting around the table (or at least popping in virtually on Zoom or a call).

Here’s our favorite Thanksgiving recipes – the ones Thomas and I make for our own holiday meals. They’ve been perfected over the years, and of course the secret ingredients are organic, high quality spices ๐Ÿ˜‰ You can get this handy holiday spice kit to get all the spices needed for these four beloved classic dishes. Happy cooking!


The Best Turkey Recipe (Overnight Brine + High Heat Cooking Method + Rest + Black Truffle Salt Topper)

bangin' turkey brine recipe cooking instructions

Show-Stopping Gravy

how to make vegetarian gravy

Button-Poppin’ Stuffin’

best spices for turkey stuffing

Pumpkin Pie Bursting with the Freshest Spices

best pumpkin pie spices and recipe


And if you’re looking for some extras — here’s Thomas’ mom’s apple pie recipe, a quick and easy no-bake Pumpkin Spice Latte Pie for something a little different, and organic pumpkin spice lattes for your guests as a special post-dinner treat.

Happy holidays!
Thomas and I (and the foster pups) are sending our love to you all!


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