How 5 Spices Can Bring You Luck in 2023

by | Dec 31, 2022

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Whether you’re hosting the ultimate NYE Party tonight or you’re celebrating by resting on the couch with Netflix, here’s 5 fun things you can do with spices to bring you luck…

1. Wish Upon a Bay Leaf

Take a pen and write your wishes for 2023 on a bay leaf, then light it on fire and watch it burn it completely so your wishes come true. (Maybe do this outside in a metal bowl with a fire extinguisher by your side, and before any booze gets involved) 

2. Spread the Cloves

Cloves are believed to ward off the evil eye, and give positive boosts to your aura. For good luck, pour whole organic cloves into tiny bowls around your home on New Years Eve & Day. Heading out for New Years? Put cloves in your wallet, pocket or purse and bring the good luck with you.

3. Pocket a Stick of Cinnamon

Bring some extra good luck with you by adding a stick of cinnamon to your pocket full of cloves. Many believe cinnamon, especially “true” Ceylon cinnamon from Sri Lanka, has very high spiritual/energetic vibrations that attract luck, money and emotional growth. 

4. Sprinkle the Turmeric

Turmeric is thought to cleanse the aura and remove negativity. This is because, according to some Hindu beliefs, turmeric is associated with the planet Jupiter, which is ruled by Lord Vishnu (Hindu God who protects creation) and Goddess Lakshmi (Hindu goddess who is the energy of Vishnu and known for bringing good fortune).

Sprinkle high quality organic turmeric into your savory dishes tonight (or take a bath in it, as some do) and speak positive intentions and wishes for your new year. But ask wisely – some stories say Goddess Lakshmi won’t be on your side if you get greedy or you’re unwilling to put in the work to achieve your desires.

5. Sleep on Cardamom

Some people believe that cardamom can help bring you a more prosperous job or career in 2023. Just place a cardamom pod or two under your pillow tonight, then wake up and give it to a stronger tomorrow. (And maybe go ahead and apply for the job of your dreams too).

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Happy New Year from Our Family to Yours & Cheers to a Healthy & Tasty 2023!

We’re so grateful to be in your kitchen. Thank you for supporting our fairtrade spice farmers and family business.

We’ll be spending a quiet NYE night at home cooking and cheersing you with our pups Briscoe and Pepper.

May the next year be full of everything that brings you comfort and happiness. We hope your 2023 is full of health and good fortune.


  1. Cloves, it’s really helping i like it so much

    • Hi Johannnes, I’m gonna try it. How many cloves , and fir how long. Did you put it in your purse

  2. What did you do

  3. Hi.. I would like to know which plants can I used to gat my luck again

    • i would like to know how to use clove for luck of money

  4. I would like to know how can I use cinnamon when I’m looking for job

    • We like to sprinkle it in our coffee or tea,or use it when baking. Maybe that will bring you some luck as you search. Best wishes in your job search!


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