Indian spice month -Tandoori!

by | Jan 10, 2013

UPDATE: Over the years, we’ve perfected our authentic and traditional Tandoori spice. We’re proud to say it’s become one of our fastest selling blends!

Creating the Perfect Blend

We’re always hard at work creating new blends with all the fresh, organic and fair trade spices we source here at Pinch.  This month we’re creating new blends focusing on authentic Indian spice blends.

India is a huge country with plants and flowers that produce amazing herbs and spices. The flavors vary widely and that’s one reason why we love to create India blends. There’s something for everyone.

Tandoori, a Traditional Indian Flavor Everyone Knows and Loves

Today we began work on a classic mix, Tandoori.  As always, we are using the finest spices we source directly (and fairly) from farmers to create these blends.

Tandoori is a cooking technique that uses high heat in clay ovens.  The ovens are used to create delicious flat breads like naan and meats similar to American BBQ.

One classic dish many people love is Tandoori chicken, which is a made with a marinade of spices and yogurt, then cooked at high heat on skewers in a tandoor oven.

Our special batch of tandoori spices includes the following organic spices:

We will be testing it out on some chicken soon and working to perfect it. When it comes to making authentic Indian blends, it can take years to find the perfect flavor profiles and combinations, and source the perfect, freshest spices from India. We’re in it to win and we’re dedicated to making the best Tandoori out there!


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