License to Grill – Get the Grilling Spices Out!

by | May 18, 2012

gift for bbq lovers and grillers

This year, the hunger to grill outside struck earlier than ever in Chicago. When the nice weather first hit in March, the desire to grill awoke all over this fair city. We are readying our charcoal Webbers, our infareds, our propane grills, and (of course) our smokers.

Barbecue remains the most American expression of flavor. Grilling didn’t start here, but we’ve done our best to show this world a thing or two vis-a-vis  spectacular meat and veggie creations.

Special BBQ Gift Box for You or Your Favorite Griller

At Pinch, we are so excited to ring in this season that we’re putting together a few special treats for our amazing customers. We’re offering a special BBQ gift box of our most transcendent customized organic spice blends for grilling and BBQ.

We recommend lump charcoal, grass-fed red meat, and of course, freshly-ground, organic spices. The difference is indelibly edible.

We will also be putting our hearts and souls into a barbecue demonstration on Sunday the 27th of May from 3:00 til 6:00pm, right here at Pinch Spice Market at 1913 North Milwaukee in Bucktown. We will be tasting brisket and homemade sausage while we teach you how to whip up your own BBQ sauce. It is BYOB, so grab some beer or some bourbon and come on out!

Grilling = Happy!

Civilization sprang up around our need to stand around open fire and cook and share food and words. Today it doesn’t get much better, once you add music and the right beverages to the mix.

BBQ is for Meat Lovers and Vegetarians/Vegans Alike!

Come down and upgrade your cooking game today. Our Jamaican Jerk Blend is begging to be caramelized over a fresh Amish chicken. Our Memphis Rib Rub deserves to be caressed over the meatiest baby back ribs you can find.

Don’t forget the veggies. Veggies are just as necessary and delicious over fire as their meaty brethren.

Any vegetable you can think of tasty with a bit of olive oil, some French Grey Salt, and some ground White Peppercorns. Or top them off with our wildly popular Veggie Sprinkle Spice Blend.

Our options are unlimited, our cuisines are countless. Come into Pinch today and start crafting your own spice cabinet, and get the blends you need to add flavor to your summer.


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