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by | Dec 5, 2021

new spice gift boxes and chili crisp reaper spices

Just Released: New Spices and Gift Boxes!

We’re thrilled to announce these brand new spices & gifts:


Italian Style Gift Box

The perfect gift for those who love Italian food

Organic Italian spices and herbs box

gift for Italian food lover


Taste of Latin America Gift Box

Take a culinary trip around Latin America and The Caribbean

Latin American organic spices gift box

gift for people who love latin and south american food


Chili Crisp

Common throughout Asia and becoming ever more popular here in the United States, Chili Crisp is the perfect spicy condiment.

Sprinkle on dry, or mix with hot oil to create fresh chili oil at home. The perfect topper for ramen, grilled chicken, pizza, pho, soups and whatever else you want to add some crispy heat to.


chili crisp oil
make chili crisp oil at home

Falls City Reaper (Limited Edition)

Taking our new chili crisp to the next level, this blend is built for those who love extra EXTRA spicy things. Sprinkle on food or throw in a skillet on top of hot oil for an amazingly spicy condiment for everything from ramen and noodles to eggs and fried rice.

It’s a limited edition, as its made with home-grown Carolina Reapers, Trinidad Scorpions and Ghost Peppers, and we have limited availability. Only available in 2-ounce bags.

falls city reaper bag

hottest spice mix for sale


We hope you love them all!


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