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by | Aug 19, 2021

new spices herb salt cajun brisket

New Spices!

We just launched three new organic seasonings! Check out the new tasty flavors you can now add to your spice cabinet…

#1: Herbal Finishing Salt

new herb salt

#2: Brisket Rub

brisket rub organic

#3: Pinch Yo’ Mama


~ Spice Sale ~

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organic bay leaves on sale

organic bagel seasoning on sale

salt gift sale

minced onion organic sale

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organic pumpkin pie seasoning

~ We Need Your Help ~

spice of the month club poll


  1. Already took the survey, just now thought…might be nice to have an alternate option(s) for those of us with “healthy” reserves in case we already have a ton of the spice of the month on hand.

    • Thanks Lisa! We really appreciate you taking the survey and your thoughts. We’re taking everyone’s input to heart, and are going to see how we can make the most robust program with the most user-friendly features within the confines of our 2-person operation and some technology limitations. But I think that’s a great idea to have a way for people to say “replace with something else, I have too much of that”. We just have to figure out if/how we can do that in a scalable way. Thank you!


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