Meet Our Newest Spice Farmers in Tunisia

by | Apr 19, 2024

With Pinch, You Know Where Your Spices Come From

Meet our newest spice farm partner! They’re in beautiful Tunisia (a North African country bordered by Algeria, Libya and the Mediterranean Sea, just south of Sardinia, Italy).

This farm has very high certifications for fair trade/labor. It hires local men and women, pays them a thriveable wage, treats the land well through organic farming, and is helping the local community. That’s important to us, and we know to you too.

The quality of these herbs and peppers is OUT OF THIS WORLD. We can’t wait for you to try them and be as blown away as we are. They’re available for sale on the website now, and scroll down for pics…

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From Harvest — to Pinch — to Your Kitchen!

Did you know most spices are sold YEARS after they’re harvested?! Not ours! With Pinch you’re getting the freshest, most delicious spices right after harvest.

organic spice farm

spice harvesters

spice factory drying process

freshly shipped to the usa pinch spice market

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Spices from Our New Tunisian Spice Farmers…

We will never stop trying to find the highest quality organic spices from ethical farms.

Thanks for believing in us, and for choosing Pinch!





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