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by | Jul 11, 2022

pinch prime day sales 2022

#ShopSmall & Get 2 FREE Organic Spices + Shipping

#ShopSmall with Pinch Spice Market during Prime Days and get free spices!

Spend $45 & get a FREE twin pack of Taco Town + Buffy organic spices (retail $18) PLUS free shipping.

Use code PRIME22 at checkout. Our Small Business Prime Sale only runs July 12 + 13, 2022, so shop today to get these freebies!

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The 22 Most Popular Spices of 2022 (so far)…

  1. Buffy Slayer’s Helper (Vampire Protection & Garlic Lover’s Blend): A mouth-watering blend of the highest quality garlic, parsley, sea salt, basil and chili flakes.
  2. Taco Town: Kid-friendly mild seasoning, but still wonderfully flavorful for adults. Plus, no MSG or fillers like those packets at the store.
  3. Sizzling Steak: A peppery and salty Montreal steak seasoning. Customers say this is the best beef seasoning they’ve ever found.
  4. Finger Lickin’ Chicken: The go-to spice for grilling and frying chicken.
  5. Chili Flakes: These aren’t those crusty, brown, flavorless ones you get free with a pizza. Experience the difference of freshly dried, high quality organic chili flakes!
  6. Popcorn Sprinkle: Elevate movie night with this addictive truffle and sage seasoning.
  7. Ras El Hanout: If you’ve never tried this, go for it! 26 spices work together for an amazing experience. It’s considered an all-purpose “lazy man’s” spice in Morocco because it goes with anything (especially chicken, lamb, couscous, rice, stews and root veggies).
  8. Garlic Granules: The most flavorful, highest quality garlic. You’ll never go back to that crusty, flavorless stuff again.
  9. Cumin: Warm, nutty and slightly hot, with lemon and bitter tones, it brings our sweet flavors and is great in chili, curries, stews & soups.
  10. Rob’s Carne Asada: Use this to make an easy marinade for killer carne asada.
  11. Cinnamon Powder Ceylon: Often referred to as True Cinnamon, Ceylon is native to Sri Lanka. It’s a luxurious, gourmet cinnamon that will transform your savory dishes and desserts.
  12. Herbs De Provence: The classic, fresh seasoning – ramped up with fine organic herbs.
  13. Piri Piri: Easily make your own piri piri (aka peri peri) chicken, fish or tofu at home!
  14. Everything on Everything: From tomatoes and avocado toast to chicken and homemade sourdough, this will be your new fav.
  15. Black Malabar Peppercorns: You’re missing out on big flavor if you just grab that regular pepper at the grocery store.
  16. Honey Chipotle BBQ: Sweet and smokey with chipotle peppers, this blend will make you the wing champion of the neighborhood.
  17. Balsamic Salt: Yes, this exists and it’s as delicious as you’d think!
  18. Deluxe BBQ Spice Bundle: When you’re serious about cooking BBQ. A 6-pack of our most popular BBQ rubs and seasonings.
  19. Marsh’s Sitka Salmon: This collaboration blend with Sitka Salmon is insanely good on salmon, fish and veggies.
  20. Indian Masala Bundle: Three tasty seasonings so you can make Indian food at home: Madras Curry Powder, Tandoori and Tikka Masala.
  21. Garlic Salt: A fun, flavorful alternative to regular table salt. Made with tasty organic garlic from Californian farms.
  22. Humboldt Sazón: Our authentic sazón skips the MSG and weird ingredients. It brightens up chicken, rice and beans, pork, BBQ and more.


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Pinch Prime Days Sale Details: Sale runs July 12 & 13, 2022, ending at midnight. Cannot be combined with other coupons. No limit!

Thank you for your continued support of our small business!

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