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J. Sodium
Nov 16, 2018 02:03 PM 1 Answers Spices
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I was just in Israel at the famous Machane Yehuda market and found a number of spices I've never heard of, including one called Hwig which is lovely (it could be a blend, and it could have other names).  It is yellow and could have tumeric and cumin in it. Have you heard of it?
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Thomas "Shoebocks" McGee
Nov 16, 2018

I have never heard of it.  I did a quick google search and didn’t find anything either.  Did it come with an ingredient list or any other terms on the packaging that we can search with?   I did have a thought that it could be hawaij, which is found in Yemen, but could easily be found in any market in the Middle East.  I will continue to do some research and post back here.

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