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Where does your cardamom come from?

Jun 04, 2018 08:17 PM 1 Answers Spices
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I heard the best stuff comes from Southern India, Sri Lanka or Guatemala so hoping you have some from there.  The stuff I got from the grocery store is ancient and tastes like dust. Also, do you ship to California?
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Thomas "Shoebocks" McGee
Jun 04, 2018

High quality organic cardamom can be hard to source.  I generally source from either Guatemala or Sri Lanka and I have also sourced from Colombia as well.  Cardamom is a very thirsty plant and high quality cardamom requires a lot of water to mature and therefore there can be seasons or even entire years where cardamom crops produce low quality or low yield.  This is why I continually look for top level sources.  Each of the three source regions I use produce extremely high quality cardamom.  Currently I have cardamom from both Sri Lanka and Guatemala available and I hope to bring in more Colombian cardamom later this year.   Regardless of where I am sourcing from, you can always trust that I only carry the absolute highest quality I can find.

As for shipping to California, Pinch ships everywhere in the United States.

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