Are Your Spices Fresh? New Year, New Spices | The Annual Spice Freshness Check…

by | Dec 22, 2021

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Are Your Spices Fresh?

The Easy Spice Freshness Check:

  • Go to your spice cabinet and give each spice a good whiff. The spice should smell strong and bright. Still not sure? Give it a quick taste.
  • If there’s little/no smell or taste, it’s time to buy new spices

Spices don’t necessarily “go bad”, but they do lose their potency. If there’s no smell or taste, they’re not going to do much (or anything) in your cooking.

So How Long Do Spices Last?

Our organic spices and blends typically last (stay potent) 2 years after purchase because we buy spices just after harvest from our farmers and we grind fresh from our Louisville spice factory.

The quality of the spice also matters when considering length of freshness. The higher the quality, the longer they last. Since we’ve been working for a decade to find the highest quality spices on the planet (by searching all over the world and working directly with farmers), they stay fresh a lot longer than lower quality spices.

The Pinch Organic Spice Difference

When you buy certified organic Pinch spices, you’re receiving extremely fresh & potent spices, unlike what you see from other spice companies, especially the conventional spices you see in the grocery stores.

By the time those have reached store shelves, it’s usually been 8 months – 2+ years since they’ve been harvested, which is why they need all those preservatives, chemicals and fake colors and flavors.

Those spices may smell or taste “fresh” for while, but it’s not real because you’re likely just smelling or tasting added flavors to mock their freshness (gross!). The actual essences of the spices have usually been lost within a few months of purchase.

There’s also other reasons you don’t want to be eating those spices, like added gluten and even lead, the use of radiation, and more… gross.

Pinch spices are certified organic, gluten-free and are never irradiated. You’re getting tasty, healthy, fresh and nutrient-dense spices when you choose Pinch. That’s our promise to you.


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