The Zodiac of Spices | What’s Your Flavor?

by | May 23, 2021

whats your spice based on your sign


Looking for Your Perfect Spice Match?

Meet the Best Spices for You Based on Your Sign…

Your favorite seasonings may be written in the stars…


  • Your Sign’s Strong Characteristics: Original, Fierce
  • Your Spice Match: Piri Piri – A spicy, authentic African and Portuguese blend known for making delicious Piri Piri grilled chicken or fish. Also great base for fiery condiments, marinades or dry rubs. It’s also salt free, ‘cuz you’ve got enough salt already 😉


  • Your Sign’s Strong Characteristics: Creative, Friendly
  • Your Spice Match: Everything Bagel Seasoning – Hey social butterfly, you’ll be happy to know you’ll make friends when you share this spice. When we were developing it our neighbors said “Just call it everything on everything because we’re eating that sucker on everything – from tomatoes to toast to pizza and chicken!” It’s the versatile spice to have fun with.


  • Your Sign’s Strong Characteristics: Enthusiastic, Passionate
  • Your Spice Match: Madras Curry Powder – Full of dramatic, aromatic spices with a kick of cayenne chili and cooling turmeric, fenugreek and Ceylon cinnamon tones. It’s medium hot on the spiciness level, but still burning with passion.


  • Your Sign’s Strong Characteristics: Responsible, Devoted
  • Your Spice Match: Bay Seasoning – This reliable go-to for seafood, crab boils, dips and veggies has been passed down from generations. We revamped the “Old” version to be made with clean, organic spices and left out all those MSG and fillers. Because we know you like to keep it real, Taurus.


  • Your Sign’s Strong Characteristics: Curious, Gentle
  • Your Spice Match: Apple Pie Spice –  With our super high quality Cassia and Saigon cinnamon and our organic nutmeg and star anise, this sweet spice blend is curiously delightful. It smells just like fresh apple pie. Use it to make pies, oatmeal or mulled apple cider. It’s also a great way to get kids to eat sliced fruit, just sprinkle a little on.


  • Your Sign’s Strong Characteristics: Imaginative, Tenacious
  • Your Spice Match: Jamaican Jerk –  This sweet, medium spicy and delicious Caribbean mix jerkifies chicken, tofu, popcorn, fries, tacos, broccoli – pretty much anything you can dream up. We use organic galangal instead of ginger to enhance the sweetness because we know that as tough as you are, you are also a big sweetheart.


  • Your Sign’s Strong Characteristics: Warm-Hearted, Cheerful
  • Your Spice Match: Sazón: Our authentic, organic Sazón skips the MSG and fillers and focuses on using only the highest quality organic herbs and spices. Literally Puerto Rican Mother approved, this spice is like a big hug with a happy pat on the back. Perfect for your jolly nature.


  • Your Sign’s Strong Characteristics: Hard-Working, Loyal
  • Your Spice Match: Za’atar – A traditional Middle Eastern and Mediterranean blend that’s nutty and slightly tart. It’s a heavy-hitter that layers flavor all over everything it touches. It’s tight as thieves when it connect with the right food (like hummus) – just like you and your best friends.


  • Your Sign’s Strong Characteristics: Balanced, Cooperative
  • Your Spice Match: Garam Masala – A sweet and savory Indian spice that adds warmth and depth to meals. Great for curries, meat, vegetables and lentils but really, it will do well on anything because it’s so well balanced. Just like you, it’s a team player and hangs in the back to let the food do its thing while it cooks, then jumps in like a team player at the end of cooking to bring it all together.


  • Your Sign’s Strong Characteristics: Resourceful, Brave
  • Your Spice Match: Blackening Seasoning – This flavorful, powerful blackening blend not only excels at blackening fish or chicken, but its enterprising ingredients also work well as a basic Cajun seasoning for soups, casseroles and other meats. It’s not afraid to get outside its comfort zone, kinda like you.


  • Your Sign’s Strong Characteristics: Generous, Free
  • Your Spice Match: Ras El Hanout – This free-spirited, warm and floral Moroccan blend is made of 26 (TWENTY SIX!) spices. Its delightful, generous depth makes it perfect for lamb, chicken, dips, root vegetables, rice, cous cous, tagine cooking or anything else. It’s often referred to as the lazy cook’s spice because you can use it on anything and it makes everything taste better. Just like you making a party HOP because you make everything more fun!


  • Your Sign’s Strong Characteristics: Well-Mannered, Disciplined
  • Your Spice Match: Poultry Seasoning – This flavor profile stays within the lines a bit, but is still delicious and fun (following the rules can be fun says Capricorns!). It works hard and its richness really shines on everything from chicken, turkey, soups and vegetable. You can always rely on this one – just how people think of you.


End Note:  To our great disappointment, we here at Pinch are not astrologists (and dang it, we’re not fortune tellers either), but we like to think we researched enough to be at least somewhat close here.


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