Spice Substitutions – What to Use When You Don’t Have a Spice on Hand

by | Jan 17, 2022

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Making a recipe and missing a certain spice? Ya’ll know where you can get those missing spices, 😉 but in the meantime, here’s substitutions you can use in a pinch…(all substitutions are 1:1, unless otherwise noted):

A Handy List of Spice Substitutions

  1. Aleppo Substitute → Paprika + Pinch of Cayenne or Ancho Powder or Red Pepper Flakes | Buy Syrian Aleppo
  2. Allspice Substitute → ¼ Cinnamon + ½ Cloves + ¼ Nutmeg Powder | Buy Organic Allspice Powder
  3. Anise Seed Substitute → Fennel, 3x Star Anise or a Couple Drops of Anise Extract | Buy Organic Anise Seed
  4. Basil Substitute → Italian Seasoning (That’s Amore) or Oregano or ¾ Mint or ¾ Cilantro | Buy Organic Basil
  5. Bay Leaf Substitute → 1 Teaspoon of Oregano or Thyme | Buy Organic Bay Leaves
  6. Black Pepper Substitute → White Pepper, Chili Powder, ½ Allspice or ¼ Cayenne  | Buy Organic Black Malabar Pepper
  7. Caraway Seeds Substitute → Fennel, Cumin, Dill Seeds, Celery Seeds, Anise Seeds or Nigella Seeds | Buy Organic Caraway Seeds
  8. Cardamom Substitute → Ginger | Buy Organic Cardamom Powder
  9. Celery Seeds Substitute → Celery Salt, Fennel, Dill Seeds or Caraway Seeds | Buy Organic Celery Seeds
  10. Cinnamon Substitute → ¼ Nutmeg or Allspice | Buy Organic Cassia, Saigon and Ceylon Cinnamon
  11. Cloves Substitute → Allspice, Cinnamon or Nutmeg | Buy Organic Clove Powder and Whole Cloves
  12. Coriander Substitute → Cumin, Curry Powder, Caraway or Garam Masala | Buy Organic Coriander Powder
  13. Cumin Substitute → Chili Powder, Taco Seasoning, Coriander, Caraway Seeds or Fennel | Buy Organic Cumin
  14. Dill Weed Substitute → Thyme, Rosemary, Parsley or Tarragon | Buy Organic Dill Weed
  15. Fennel Seed Substitute → Anise Seeds, Cumin Seeds or Powder, Caraway, Onion Powder or Granules, Dill Weed, Celery Seed or Licorice Root | Buy Organic Fennel Seed
  16. Garlic Powder or Granules Substitute → Shallots or chives if you don’t have fresh garlic, garlic salt or 2X dried garlic flakes | Buy Organic Garlic Powder and Granules from California
  17. Ginger (Ground) Substitute → Allspice, Cinnamon, Mace or Nutmeg | Buy Organic Ground Ginger
  18. Mace (Ground) Substitute → Allspice, Cinnamon, Ginger or Nutmeg | Buy Organic Ground Mace and Whole Mace
  19. Marjoram Substitute → Basil, Thyme, Herbs De Provence, Oregano or Savory Summer | Buy Organic Marjoram
  20. Mint Substitute → Basil, Marjoram or Rosemary | Sorry, we don’t offer mint at the moment
  21. Nutmeg (Ground) Substitute → Cinnamon, Ginger or Mace | Buy Organic Ground and Whole Nutmeg 
  22. Onion Powder or Granules Substitute → Garlic Salt or Celery Seeds if you don’t have fresh onion (1 Tablespoon onion powder = ¾ cup of chopped fresh onion), or 2X onion flakes | Buy Organic Onion Powder and Granules
  23. Oregano Substitute → Marjoram, Thyme or Basil | Buy Organic Oregano
  24. Paprika Substitute → Ancho Chili Powder or ¼ Cayenne | Buy Organic Paprika
  25. Parsley Substitute → Oregano, Chives, Cilantro, Basil or Tarragon | Buy Organic Parsley
  26. Rosemary Substitute → Thyme, Summer Savory or Tarragon | Buy Organic Rosemary Needles
  27. Sage Substitute → Poultry Seasoning (like Finger Lickin’ Chicken), Marjoram or Rosemary | Buy Organic Sage
  28. Savory Summer Substitute → Thyme + Oregano | Buy Organic Summer Savory
  29. Star Anise Substitute → Anise Seeds, Allspice, Cloves, Chinese Five Spice or Fennel Seeds | Buy Organic Star Anise
  30. Sumac Substitute → Lemon Juice or Zest, Za’atar or Mrs. Pinch Salt-Free Seasoning | Buy Wildcrafted Sumac
  31. Tarragon Substitute → A Few Anise or Fennel Seeds | Buy Organic Tarragon
  32. Thyme Substitute → Savory Summer, Basil, Marjoram or Oregano | Buy Organic Thyme
  33. Turmeric Substitute → Annatto Powder | Buy Organic, Highest Quality Turmeric


Have any other substitution tips you’d recommend? Please share your spice subs in the comments to help others when they’re making a recipe and in a pinch. Happy cooking!



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