8 Spices for People Who Don’t Like Spicy Food

by | Jan 30, 2023

spices for people who don't like spicy hot food

Tasty organic seasonings for people sensitive to heat but still want flavor:

1. Organic Greek/Mediterranean Seasoning


best greek spice organic healthy

Our organic Greek spice blend has tons of flavor, no heat. Light, herbal and bright. Perfect for grilling chicken, lamb, fish and vegetables. Sprinkle on rice or roasted veggies for some zing. Excellent for salad dressing, kabobs and marinades. Buy Greek Opa Seasoning…

2. Organic Low-Heat BBQ Seasoning

bbq rub with little no heat spicy flavors

A classic BBQ mix that skips the heat, opting for a sweet, smokey flavor. It’s like eating BBQ potato chips (without the weird chemicals). Shop Sweet & Sassy Pork BBQ Spice…

3. Herbal Finishing Salt

herbal salt organic herbs

Savory and herbaceous, this is a great way to enhance meals. It’s like Herbs de Provence but with the addition of melt-in-your mouth salt. Try French herbal salt…

4. Organic, Salt-Free, All-Purpose Spice Blend

salt free low sodium seasoning organic

This is our organic version of an all-purpose, no-salt seasoning. It has no heat, yet adds lots of savory flavor. Can be used in place of salt and pepper. Try Mrs. Pinch (and get recipe ideas) here.

5. Organic (Salt-Free) Baharat Seasoning

real baharat spice in the usa

Based on the Egyptian Seven Spice synonymous with African and Middle Eastern street food, this blend is strongly aromatic, but balanced enough to be a seasoning for all. Check out our Baharat here…

6. Organic, Mild & TASTY Taco Seasoning

kid friendly taco spice no msg organic

Love tacos but want to skip the heat? Try our kid-friendly taco mix that’s very mild for those sensitive to heat, yet still very flavorful. Everyone will be wowed by the (heatless) flavors. Shop our organic taco spice here.

7. Organic Za’atar Lebanese Seasoning

organic za'atar seasoning online

Za’atar’s a great option for people looking to expand their international cooking horizons, with its pleasant notes of citrus, herbs and sesame. Try organic Za’atar (and see recipe ideas) here.

8. Organic Veggie Seasoning

fresh seasoning for vegetables

Wake up veggies with this herbal, citrusy mix. Sprinkle this with olive oil on zucchini, squash, asparagus or other favorite veggie and grill next to your other BBQ masterpieces. Also tasty on white fish and chicken. Try our organic Veggie Sprinkle (and see recipes) here.

3 Individual Spices for Adding Flavor (Not Heat):

  1. Organic Onion Powder or Granules: Dehydrated onion is sweet and savory, and adds a depth of flavor to your dishes. Great option for those trying to reduce their salt and sugar intake.
  2. Organic Cumin Powder: There’s no heat, but it has a rich flavor. Great not-spicy option for stews, tacos and grilled meats.
  3. Wild-crafted Sumac: This could be your new secret weapon in the kitchen. Mild, pleasant flavors with notes of citrus and sweetness. Quickly becomes an unexpected favorite for many customers.


Want to Explore Mild Heat? Lower-Heat Chilies to Try:

  1. Organic Ancho Chile Powder: Ancho is dried poblano peppers that have a very small amount of heat. A great way to add chili flavor to a dish without overpowering it with spicy heat.
  2. Organic Guajillo Powder: A little hotter than an ancho pepper, guajillos are still very mild and have much less heat than jalapeno or chipotle peppers.
  3. Organic Aleppo Flakes: A mild and sweet Middle Eastern pepper that makes an excellent garnish or alternative to regular chili flakes if you find those to be too spicy.


Happy cooking!


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