Why is Pinch so focused on organic?

by | Feb 21, 2012

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Most spices that are used in the United States are fumigated with toxic chemicals such as ethylene oxide. Unfortunately these chemicals are harmful to humans and beyond that they are extremely harmful to the workers that apply them. Organic spices are fumigated using dry steam, which sanitizes them against bacterial contamination.

Beyond the fumigation process many non-organic spices are cultivated in ways that are harmful to the eco system in which they exist. Often times harmful farming methods, such has clear cutting, are used. Add to that the use of pesticides and you can see that it is a bad situation.

Many people are beginning to understand the importance of organic foods and we feel that it is of equal importance to use organic herbs and spices.  Next time you are cooking a delicious organic tofu stir fry or grilling an organic steak, take minute to think about what you are adding to it.


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