Drum Roll, Please… The Winners of the 1st Annual Pinch Spice Awards Are…

by | Mar 2, 2021

best spice pics

Since January, we’ve been collecting photo entries for our Pinch Spice Awards. Thank you to everyone who entered – we’ve loved seeing all your spices and art!

Below find the winners for each category. First place winners in each category won a $100 gift card for our organic spices, and runners up won $35 Pinch gift certificates.

Award Category Winners

The Most Organized Spice Cabinet

First Place Winner: Rick B. from Ocean View, Delaware

What a gorgeous view, Rick!

ricks very neat spice cabinet with labeled jars

Runners Up… There were three that we were really struggling to decide, we decided it’s a three-way tie!

Meghan D. from Louisville Kentucky

The magnet approach with glass jars on the side of cabinet is super cute!

spices on magnets on side of cabinet

Lisa D. from Sugar Hill Georgia

Love the door overhang for the bulk spice bags!

super neat spice organization

Janice P.

This is brilliant and looks really nice!

spice drawer labelled a-z

Best Hot Mess Spice Cabinet

First Place Winner: Maria A. E. from Rio Grande City, Texas

Sometimes spices just get shoved in the corner, but they look well used!

spice cabinet that needs some love

Runner Up: Noel R. from Sunnyvale California

Noel says this is “what I call my ‘Tower of Power’ πŸ™‚  It’s a little messy but I know where everything is and my kitchen is small!”

Noel's spices next to fridge

Best of Old Spices in the Cabinet

First Place Winner: Palma L. from Greenwood, CA

Ok… this was a surprise and such a treat! Palma’s oldest spice is in a round tin box used by the cook of a wagon train across the USA to Gold Country in California, where gold was first discovered in 1848… 1848!

rusted spices tins from 1800s

Runner Up (TIE): Scott S. from Allegan, Michigan

Scott says “As far as we know this was from mid century, otherwise known as the ’70s!!!”… Wowee! What a gem.

 Frank tea and spice company old spice tin

tin laying on side showing 33 cents

Runner Up (TIE) : Lenore S. from Louisville KY

We just love this story Lenore shared with us. What a special set of spices…. “Got these from my mom in the late ’70s! The measuring cup is 49 years old from the days when little girls had a hope chest. I keep the herbs for the memories. The cup gets used at least once a week.” -Lenore

three spices in spice cabinet measuring cup

Best Spicy Art

First Place Winner: Palma L. from Greenwood California

After taking home the award for the oldest spice award, the very talented Palma wins again with this beautiful, intricate piece! Learn about it in her own words: “My Spice Art is called ‘Seasons of Spices’ and it depicts a tree made from spices through the four seasons. Great to hang in your kitchen or wherever you want the fragrant scents of spices to fill your world. I used poppy seeds, turmeric, black pepper, parsley, minced onions, caraway seeds, chili pepper, lemon pepper, red pepper flakes, onion powder, garam masala, lemon pepper, garlic, cayenne, paprika, and salt to create these seasonal tags.” – Palma



Runner Up: Katherine M. W. from Houston Texas

This one came slapped on our Facebook page with the question “Do we win?” and made us burst out laughing. This was our second – and last spice art entry – but we aren’t saying they won by default at all… We truly appreciate the vibe this one throws at us.

white paper chili flakes around it words Stick it to the Man

Congrats to all the winners!

Now, For A Celebratory Song and the World’s Best/Worst (First?) Spice Song Parody…

Here’s a little something fun for you. This got in our head as we were packing up tikka the other day. It just had to come out so we channeled our Weird Al and created this Tikka Masala song… πŸ™‚



  1. Thank you for all you share and the spice you have added to my entire family!! Love you both, miss you and hope to see you in person in 2021!

    • <3 We love you and thank you for your support over the years!

    • Oh, wow! What an honor. Thanks so much for doing this, guys! You are simply the best and have greatly enhanced one of my favorite things to do. Many blessings to you bothβ™‘

      • Lisa, thank you for your awesome entry and for being such a big supporter of Pinch!


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