Gourmet Salts

Our gourmet and infused salts come from all around the world. We infuse these fine, high quality salts with organic ingredients to bring you out-of-this-world flavor. Use for cooking, cocktails, curing meat or fish and as your secret topper to just about any dish!

Balsamic Salt

Combining two essential flavors gives you a convenient new flavor to use in the kitchen. Our balsamic salt is made in house with a high quality locally sourced balsamic and a great pacific sea salt. We love using this on salads, and as a finishing salt for steaks and chicken.  

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Black Lava Salt

Black Lava Salt is evaporated with activated charcoal derived from coconuts and is native to Hawaii. It salt very strong sea salt flavor and a touch of smokiness. We love it as finishing salt as it looks amazing and can be used sparingly and still have a strong salt flavor. Try it on a some fresh baguette with butter and just a couple grains of salt or on top of deviled eggs.  

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Black Truffle Salt

Truffle Salt should be simple.  Truffles and Salt.  That is exactly what this is.  We do not have any strange things like truffle flavor.  This what keeps our customers coming back for this gem.

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Cherry Smoked Salt

A nice pacific sea salt that has been evaporated in a smokehouse using cherry wood.  This salt has a pleasant yet intense smoke aroma and flavor.  We love using this for anything we want to give bbq flavor while cooking inside.

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Grey Salt

The salt of French cuisine.  Grey Salt is evaporated in clay ponds, which gives it a blueish hue and almost wet texture.  The flavor of the ocean permeates and gives this salt a briny flavor.  This is my personal everyday salt.

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Kala Namak

Kala Namak also known as black salt has a sulfur smell, but a pleasant tart flavor. Often used by vegans to replicate the flavor of eggs, it is also a key ingredient in many Indian dishes and essential to Pinch Spice Market’s chaat masala.

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Keffir Lime Salt

This truly unique product is hand crafted by Pinch.  We take fresh keffir lime leaves and dry them in a high quality flake salt for a month.  Then the leaves are ground and added back to the infused salt giving you an amazing flavor.  Originally we were tasked by a chef to create this salt for a unique salt rim complimenting a signature cocktail, but we have found many uses for this salt. 

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Porcini Salt

Another house made salt from Pinch.  This time we got our hands on some high quality organic porcini mushrooms and made this amazing porcini salt.  This rivals the flavor of our truffle salt, and costs about half the price. Put it on steak, eggs, burgers, fries, pizza or my favorite pasta with butter.

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Spicy Lime Salt

We took our Keffir Lime Salt and added a heavy dose of organic Bird’s Eye Chili to it.  This handmade infused salt is a great combination of salty, spicy and sour.  We just love it on popcorn, kebobs, or as salt rim for bloody marys.

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