Hot and Spicy

Do you like your food spicy? Looking to add some mild, medium or sizzling hot spice to your everyday meals? We source the best organic peppers and chilis in the world to make gourmet spice blends you’ll love.

Ancho Pepper Powder

Ancho is simply a sun dried poblano pepper, which is similar to a green bell pepper with slightly more heat. Ancho has a wonderful rich flavor with notes of coffee and chocolate. It is a fantastic spice and essential to chili con carne and mole.

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Bird's Eye Chili Powder

Our bird’s eye chili is very fresh and flavorful and sits at about 150,000 scoville units. This chili is quick to hit your palette but also has a delayed heat that builds to a delightful intense heat. Sometimes refered to as African Bird Chili or Piri Piri Pepper.  We use this to make our Spicy Lime Salt and Jamaican Jerk.

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Bird's Eye Chili Whole

Sometimes called piri piri peppers these bird’s eye chilis are great for adding a ton of dedeptive heat to any dish.  They hit between 150,000 and 200,000 scoville units and they get right in your face.  

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Cayenne Powder

Extremely fresh fair trade cayenne that has a nice heat and delightful almost smokey citrus flavor. Our professional customers have reported having to adjust the amount of spices they use in recipes when working with Pinch, and they always reference the quality of our cayenne.  Every time I use this I am still amazed at the freshness of the flavor and aroma of this cayenne.  

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Chili Flakes

High quality fresh organic chili flakes have a ton of flavor and some nice heat.  We use these on everything and you will find that you will as well.  Most customers choose to buy a bulk bag, but a tin will last a while as well.

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Chili Powder

This is your key to making world-class chili.  We use an array of chilies, to give this a large depth of flavor.  Our customers just keep coming back again and again.  One such customer proclaiming that her children refuse to eat chili unless it is made with Pinch’s Chili Powder.    You may notice a few unconventional ingredients such as sassafrass and sage that are used to balance the heat of the mix.

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Chipotle Powder

Fresh ground moirta chipotle peppers.  This powder has wonderful combination of sweet and smokey.  Perfect for tacos, chili, enchiladas and all of your favorites.  

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This hot chili pepper is essential to Korean cuisine and is the chili used for making Kimchi.  We love using it as an alternative to standard chili flakes in any dish.  We have worked hard to find a very high-quality gochugaru from Korea, as most brands available in the U.S. are from China.  This gochugaru is what you want for an authentic flavor.

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Habanero Powder

Organic habanero powder that is exceptionally hot and flavorful.  Add this to chili, wings, or anything that you want to have some serious heat.  We use this hananero in our vindaloo mix to give it some serious heat.  

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Piri Piri

This spicy African blend is sure to excite your palate.   Use this to make traditional Piri Piri grilled chicken or fish.  This blend also works great as a spicy condiment, marinade or dry rub and is fantastic on the grill.

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Spicy Lime Salt

We took our Keffir Lime Salt and added a heavy dose of organic Bird’s Eye Chili to it.  This handmade infused salt is a great combination of salty, spicy and sour.  We just love it on popcorn, kebobs, or as salt rim for bloody marys.

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Some like it hot, and some like it super hot.  Here is one for those that like things on the hotter side of things.

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Wings of Doom

What happens when you take our Honey Chipotle BBQ blend and add some locally grown ghost peppers?  You get the Wings of Doom!!!!

Hot, really hot, but balanced with the smoky sweetness of the honey and chipotle.  My favorite for making spicy smoked chicken wings.

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