Pinch Original Spice Blends

For all of these one-of-a-kind Pinch Original Blends, I personally developed the recipes, tested and perfected them in Pinch’s Kitchen. Some were made for chefs, others are based on customer requests, and the rest are based on my own culinary pursuits to create unique, completely new flavor combinations. I hope you enjoy them as much as I’ve enjoyed making them. If you’d like to make your own unique spice blend for a wedding, restaurant, corporate gift or other event, let’s chat!

Bay Seasoning

An organic spice mix that is representative of a very common “old” spice mix that we probably shouldn’t mention.

Net Weight in Tin:1.4 oz.

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When one of our favorite chefs asked us to help add blackened catfish to their menu, we jumped at the chance.  As we do with any blend, we began researching blackened fish recipes, and started testing out a few dishes. We came up with this flavorful Cajun style blend that not only excels at blackening, but works great as a basic Cajun seasoning.  

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Buffy's Slayer Helper

A tribute to one of the most iconic superheroes.  This organic blend packs an aromatic punch capable of keeping away even the most persistent vampires.

Net Weight in Tin:1.3 oz.

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Carolina BBQ On My Mind

What can I say, I’m crazy about BBQ.  Wherever I travel I want to check out what’s coming out of the BBQ pits.  North Carolina BBQ has a special place in my heart.  In college I spent a lot of time in North Carolina surfing and hiking and, well, eating BBQ.  I love it all, whether it is served with a peppery vinegar or hickory smoked with a sweeter sauce it’s all good.  This dry rub is simple and relies on the quality of the spices used to produce authentic high quality BBQ in your backyard.

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Chai Town

A ground Chai Masala that is perfect for making tea, baking, or sprinkling on french toast.  I use an aeropress for making coffee and tea and this works great for making chai at home, just mix with some black tea.  More traditionally warm a 1/2 teaspoon with milk and add to your favorite black tea.

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Chili Powder

This is your key to making world-class chili.  We use an array of chilies, to give this a large depth of flavor.  Our customers just keep coming back again and again.  One such customer proclaiming that her children refuse to eat chili unless it is made with Pinch’s Chili Powder.    You may notice a few unconventional ingredients such as sassafrass and sage that are used to balance the heat of the mix.

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Curry Crab (Surrett Singapore Spice)

This blend came about on request from a long time Pinch customer.  They love Curry Crab, a popular Asian crab dish made with a spicy coconut milk broth, but needed a spice mix for making it at home.   I came up with this tasty little blend that I describe as Asian bay seasoning. This works great as intended but is also an excellent addition to stir fry’s and as a rub on most proteins.

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Finger Lickin' Chicken

Grilling some chicken?  Making a turkey?  Looking to add some flavor to your favorite dish?  We have you covered with this versatile blend.  One of my favorite uses beyond seasoning poultry has been as a soup base.  The richness of this blend really shines and brings smiles to the faces of all my favorite soup hounds.  More times than not this is the spice I grab when I am just throwing something together in my home kitchen.


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Grilling Nemo

This grilling blend is the perfect companion to pretty much any fish. Light flavors bring out the delightful natural taste of little nemo and all his friends.

Tin Net weight: 1 oz.

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Honey Chipotle BBQ

One of my favorite things to eat and cook are chicken wings, and here in Chicago Honey Chipotle BBQ are where it is at.  They have the perfect combination of sweet, smoky and spicy.  When a good friend asked me to make something special for her brother, who loves to cook wings, I knew exactly what to make.  This blend is a crowd favorite for sure.

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It's Just Peachy

A peach pie spice that will make your taste buds sing.  This spice mix uses cardamom and mace to compliment the sweetness of peaches.  Ready to make some peach pie?  This is the perfect spice for you.  Also great for making pancakes, waffles, added to coffee or sprinkled on cookies.

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Keffir Lime Salt

This truly unique product is hand crafted by Pinch.  We take fresh keffir lime leaves and dry them in a high quality flake salt for a month.  Then the leaves are ground and added back to the infused salt giving you an amazing flavor.  Originally we were tasked by a chef to create this salt for a unique salt rim complimenting a signature cocktail, but we have found many uses for this salt. 

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La Dulce Vita

This was an experiment that turned out so good we put on our shelves.  This blend is all about balance and synergy.  Salty and sweet, cool and hot all coming together to make a party in your mouth.  Fennel, basil and garlic base with other savory spices and a micro-dose of birds eye to create a unique sweet and savory flavor with the tiniest heat in the background.


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Memphis Rib Rub

A classic American BBQ staple, this is a tribute to the great Memphis style dry rib. Although you can add sauce, this is meant to be a true dry rub.  Of course it also makes an excellent BBQ rub for pretty much anything you are cooking.

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Mrs. Pinch

After 5 years of making spice blends, sourcing great spices, and just immersing myself on spice, I still find myself playing with new flavors.  Mrs. Pinch came out of a desire to play with dill and onion in a dry spice blend.  This is a great multitasker that compliments most any food, but I love putting it on eggs, fish, and chicken,  

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Pinch Valley Ranch

Who doesn’t love ranch dressing, but we also know that ranch can be filled with a whole ton of things we don’t want to eat.  For this reason, I made this dry ranch dressing mix.  As with any Pinch spice blend it all starts with high quality organic ingredients.  Follow this simple recipe to make the best ranch dressing at home in minutes and skip all the chemicals and odd ingredients.

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Popcorn Sprinkle

Our organic popcorn sprinkle has been one of the best-selling items at our shop. I was inspired to create this blend after living for years with a popcorn addict. For me popcorn is the perfect venue for a spice blend to shine. Popcorn just begs for you to add flavor to it. A very neutral flavor and a texture wrought with a plethora of tiny places to hide huge flavor.

This mix is truly intended for popcorn, but you can use it on anything that you would put salt on.  Eggs, veggies, or dips, but use it sparingly just as you would use salt.

When I developed the recipe I knew the truffle salt was going to be a key player in the mix. Our truffle salt is literally an explosion of flavor just primed to stick to some freshly popped corn. I set out to find other spices that would accentuate the rich flavor of the truffles, yet be strong enough to compete for space in our palate.

Sage became an obvious choice because it has a warm, almost soothing flavor and aroma. Combined with the truffle, the aroma alone gets your mouth watering. With these two key ingredients it was a matter of rounding out the blend.

Fresh ground pepper adds a nice bite, and the summer savory gives just a slight bittersweet taste at the back of the blend.

I then finished the rub with a nice Himalayan pink salt and bit of natural Atlantic sea salt. It is a great finish and adds an immense amount of flavor. Enjoy!

Class up your popcorn with this delicious sprinkle.


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Porcini Salt

Another house made salt from Pinch.  This time we got our hands on some high quality organic porcini mushrooms and made this amazing porcini salt.  This rivals the flavor of our truffle salt, and costs about half the price. Put it on steak, eggs, burgers, fries, pizza or my favorite pasta with butter.

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Secret Tomatanero

The perfect spice for sprinkling on fresh summer vegetables especially tomatoes. Made with a very rare habanero chili that has no heat yet retains all of its flavor.  Additions of tarragon, coriander, savory and turmeric give this organic spice blend a very fresh and naturally sweet flavor.  In addition to roasted and raw veggies this spice will pair well with roasted chicken and perhaps a glass of white wine.  This is an extremely limited release, when it’s gone it’s gone.

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Sizzling Steak

What can we say…… this is pretty much the best steak seasoning you are ever going to find.  Of course it is great on steak, but is good on pretty much everything you want to season.

Tin Net weight: 1.5 oz.

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Spice Melange

“He who controls the spice, controls the Universe” -Frank Herbert, Dune

Salmon, chicken, tofu, steak, pork chops, popcorn, dips, and pretty much anything that likes a robust flavor will take to this mix.

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Sweet and Sassy Pork

This smokey mix is like eating BBQ potato chips, except doesn’t have a ton of weird chemicals and flavorings.

Tin Net weight: 1.6 oz.

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Texas Mojo

A fusion of Cuban and Tex Mex?  Traditional Cuban mojo is usually a marinade made with a heavy dose of garlic, oil, and citrus juice.  Many customers have asked for a mojo seasoning, so I came up with this spice blend.  I also have a family member with an abundance of Texas grown pequin chilies and one thing led to another.  This little mojo has some Texas heat.

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Toast Crack

Mildly addictive, organic and just plain delicious.  Put this on your toast and discover the greatest thing to hit breakfest since french toast.  

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Veggie Sprinkle

Vegetables are delicious and nutritious.  Sometimes they can get a little dull when you cook them.  Whether you roast them, saute them, or grill them this blend will give them a fresh vibrant flavor.

Although this was created specifically for veggies we have also found it to be great for white fish and chicken.

Brighten up all your veggie dishes with this organic mix.

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Wings of Doom

What happens when you take our Honey Chipotle BBQ blend and add some locally grown ghost peppers?  You get the Wings of Doom!!!!

Hot, really hot, but balanced with the smoky sweetness of the honey and chipotle.  My favorite for making spicy smoked chicken wings.

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