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Advieh Khoresh (Khoresht)

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Loosely translated, Advieh Khoresh (or Khoresht) means stew spice and is often used in Persian and Iranian cuisine. This spice mix is a delightful mix of flavors with strong elements of sweet, savory, floral and just a touch of tart. We developed this recipe over a period of months and the final product is distinctly, and authentically, Persian. Traditionally used on stews, it’s also great on chicken, kabobs, rice and beans, and any dish you want to have a savory, sweet and slightly tart accent. This is one of our many salt-free seasonings.

Organic Ingredients: coriander, cumin, black pepper, cardamom, dried lime, Ceylon cinnamon, rose, clove, nutmeg



We use some exotic spices like roses and preserved limes to make a genuine version of this traditional spice blend. Much like Ras El Hanout there are thousands of versions and no set recipes for Advieh. We did our research to make an authentic Persian blend. We use the highest quality ingredients and sourced from the best farms on Earth.

Flavor Profile of Our Salt-Free Advieh Khoresh Blend:

  • 25% Sweet
  • 20% Floral
  • 15% Savory
  • 15% Cooling
  • 10% Sour
  • 5% Bitter
  • 5% Nutty
  • 5% Piney

Organic, Zero Salt

Product of Louisville.

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Recipes with Advieh Khoresh

Persian-Style Chicken and Carrot Stew (Instant Pot-Friendly)

Advieh Khoresh Couscous with Chicken and Veggies (Low Calorie!)

Easy Lamb Kofta Kebabs

The following are are a collection of wonderful recipes with Advieh Khoresh by Suzi from the Le Gourmand C3 website:

  • Khoresh-e Lubia Sabzi: Green bean and beef stew (see above link)
  • Lape Khoresh: Yellow split pea and prune stew (see above link)
  • The Classic and Simple Beef Khoresh (see above link)

Note: Vegetarians can omit the meat in many of these dishes for a delicious hearty meal.

1 review for Advieh Khoresh (Khoresht)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Aside from being EXTREMELY fresh, this is one of the best and most unique spice mixes you’ll ever come across. This blend can be hard to find and it delivers. Flavors are very complex, savory, and a very slight floral sweetness. Versatile with different foods and recipes, even sprinkling on salads or popcorn for a sweet and savory combination.

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