BBQ Lovers Gift Set


This gift set includes a selection of Pinch’s favorite and best blends for grilling.  Whether you are grilling some salmon, a thick steak, veggie kabobs, or ribs, this set has everything you need.  As always these blends are the absolute highest quality you can get your hands on.  A backyard BBQ chef will soon become a legend in the neighborhood with these simple and delicious blends.

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Included are 1 of each of the following:

Sizzling Steak-A top notch steak rub similar to Montreal Steak Seasoning, but better.

Finger Lick’n Chicken-Customer favorite, wonderfully rich flavors that makes everyone salivate before they ever take a bite.

Sweet and Sassy Pork-The flavor of a BBQ potato chip, familiar yet wonderfully complex.  All around all purpose grill seasoning.

Veggie Sprinkle-Lets be real, you need to make those veggies pop and this is the blend to do just that.  Bright flavors take the lead.

Grilling Nemo-A fun name leads into a wonderful french style blend that works well on any type of fish.

Memphis Rib Rub:  A traditional rib rub that has a secret ingredient which makes the blend shine.  Can you figure it out?


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