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A selection of our customer favorite original Pinch Spice Market blends.  Not only are these blends unique to Pinch, they are also the best of the best.  This makes a perfect gift for someone who loves Pinch products, or someone you want to introduce our high quality spices to.

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This set includes one of the following blends:

Buffy’s Slayer Helper-By far the most popular blend we make.  Everyone comes back for more Buffy, because it is great on everything…..EVERYTHING!

Finger Lick’n Chicken-Deep rich flavor permeate from this blend and it is equally great with soup as it is on chicken.

La Dulce Vita-An exploration of our flavor palate, this blend mixes sweet and savory in a symphony of flavor.

Pinch Valley Ranch-Finally a dry ranch dressing mix that contains only organic spices, and makes the best ranch dressing you have ever had.

Toast Crack-The best thing since the invention of the pancake….this sweet treat is mildly addictive and just plain delicious.

Spice Melange-The first Pinch blend I made.  This southwest style seasoning is a great multitasker and the perfect demonstration of high quality spices and perfect balance in a blend.


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"GREAT blends! Totally my go-to gifts (and self-gifts) now"

-Adam H.

“The Pinch Spice Market spices are absolute AMAZING! They're flavorful, potent, organic, and DELICIOUS! I love how layered the flavor profiles of the spice/herb blends are; they make everything taste worthy. OUTSTANDING!”

--Ayesha W.

"Friendly and knowledgeable staff with excellent fresh spices makes this place a one of kind spice place worth shopping from.”

--Tim K.

“So far, Veggie Sprinkle, Finger Lickin' Chicken, and Porcini Salt are in our regular spice rotation.”

--Brian C.

“High quality, fresh spices.”

--Sharon S.

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