Cinnamon Powder Ceylon


Often referred to as True Cinnamon, Ceylon is native to Sri Lanka, where there are some twelve varietals. I describe this as a though it is a cinnamon candy, with both sweet and hot tones. In addition to these flavors this Ceylon has a floral bouquet that opens up when you cook with it. I know you will love it as I do.  

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I honestly get excited when I see customers purchase this cinnamon.  When I visited the coop facility where many of pinch’s spices are dried and processed the coop members were sifting cinnamon.  The aroma was intoxicating and words cannot do it justice.  Most people think of cinnamon as a very basic and direct flavor, this ceylon is so much more.  I get notes of vanilla, flowers and sarsaparilla in addition to the ultra sweet cinnamon flavor.


Origin-Sri Lanka

Net Wt. in a tin-1 oz.

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