Garlic Lover’s Bundle


This spice 3-pack is for those of us who adore garlic. Spices include:

  • Buffy’s Slayer Helper (Garlic Lover’s Spice Blend): Our house-made organic garlic blend, a garlic loverโ€™s dream with herbal tones of basil and parsley plus a tiny kick of heat. A must for pizza, pasta, garlic bread, mashed potatoes, burgers and, well, everything!
  • Organic Garlic Granules: Extremely high quality granulated garlic from certified organic California farms.
  • Organic Garlic Powder: Extremely high quality minced garlic from certified organic California farms.

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  • spice burlap gift bag


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  • Buffy’s Slayer Helper (Garlic Lover’s Organic Blend): Organic minced garlic, organic garlic granules, organic garlic powder, organic chili flakes, organic parsley, sea salt, organic basil
  • Garlic Granules: Organic garlic
  • Garlic Powder: Organic garlic

Spices come in a four-ounce bulk bag.

Organic Ingredients | Sourced from Farmers We Know | Direct and Fair Trade

Handcrafted in Small Batches for Peak Freshness | Proudly Made in Louisville, Kentucky USA

Weight 12 oz