Gourmet Salt Gift Set


Salt is such a simple staple in our kitchen.  The beauty of this gift set is that we take something so simple and turn it into something new and fun.  A great mix of unique salts that we create and some that we source from around the world.  Any chef will enjoy trying out these new flavors and textures putting a new spin on the meals they are creating.

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This set includes:

Himalayan Pink Salt-The most well known non sea salt.  Mined from under a glacier in the Himalayas, the pink color comes from the mineral content in the salt.

French Grey Salt-This sea salt is evaporated in clay ponds which gives it the blue grey color and keeps a sea like briny flavor.

Porcini Salt-Made in house by Pinch, this salt has a huge burst of rich mushroom flavor.

Balsamic Salt-We use a locally sourced aged balsamic to make this salt.  A wonderful finishing salt that has a great balance between salty and sweet.

Cherry Smoked Salt-Evaporated in a smokehouse with cherry wood burning, this salt gives a great natural smoke flavor to any dish.  When you open this tin you are met with bright pronounced smoke aroma.

Hawaiian Black Lava Salt-This intense salt gets it’s color from the black sand beaches and activated charcoal where it is evaporated.  Visually stunning as a finishing salt.


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