Humboldt Sazón


A tribute to Chicago’s rich Puerto Rican heritage. Sazón is a mix that will bring the heart of latin flavor to your kitchen.

Net Weight in Tin: 1.4 oz.



Our authentic Sazón skips the msg and fillers and focuses on organic herbs and spices.  Literally grandmother approved, this is truly an authentic Sazón.  We really like this blend not only because it represent the Puerto Rican heritage that runs richly through our neighborhood, but because it can go on pretty much anything you are cooking.

This mix will quickly become your go to spice.  We love it on pork, fish, chicken, beef, and as a base to make other spice mixes from.  It is essential to sofrito.

Ingredients: black pepper, white pepper, sea salt, garlic, onion, coriander, oregano, annatto.

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