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The gift for people who love Italian food! Comes with six organic Italian spices, a burlap gift bag, and a card that explains each spice. Let us know if you want to include a gift message and we’ll add a handwritten gift tag at no extra charge. The high quality organic Italian seasonings include:

  • That’s Amore   Classic Italian herb seasoning with high quality oregano, basil, rosemary, marjoram & thyme. Fragrant, bold flavors perfect for red sauce gravy.
  • Oregano   An essential spice in Italian cooking. So simple yet full of rich flavors. This freshly harvested oregano has a very high level of flavor & aroma with sweet overtones.
  • La Dulce Vita   “The Good Life” seasoning with fennel, basil, garlic, other savories & bird’s eye chili. Salty, sweet, cool & hot, it’s perfect for beans, meat, risotto & veggies.
  • Parsley   Say hello to the highest quality dehydrated parsley. Sprinkle some on to brighten up dishes or balance out spicy flavors. The Italian finishing touch.
  • Buffy’s Garlic Seasoning   Can’t forget the garlic! This blend is a garlic lover’s dream, made with 3 kinds of the finest garlic plus basil & parsley. A must for pasta & garlic bread.
  • Basil   Now you can always have the flavor of freshly picked basil in your cupboard. It brings a velvety, sweet flavor and intoxicating aromas to your dishes.

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Organic Ingredients:

  • That’s Amore: Oregano, basil, rosemary, marjoram & thyme
  • Certified Organic Oregano
  • La Dulce Vita: Salt, evaporated cane sugar, fennel, garlic, black pepper, basil, coriander & bird’s eye chili (all organic)
  • Certified Organic Parsley
  • Buffy’s Garlic Seasoning: Minced garlic, garlic granules, garlic powder, chili flakes, parsley, sea salt & basil (all organic)
  • Certified Organic Basil

Spices come in a tin.

Organic | Sourced from Farmers We Know | Direct and Fair Trade

Weight 18 oz