Keffir Lime Salt


Use this as a salt rim for cocktails, as a garnish for fruit, or a finishing salt with barbecue. It gives the perfect balance of salt and sour. How we make it: we take fresh keffir lime leaves and dry them in a high quality flake salt for a month, then we grind the leaves and add back to the infused salt. 

Ingredients: Salt, Keffir lime leaves

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This truly unique product is hand crafted by Pinch. Originally we were tasked by a chef to create this salt for a unique salt rim complimenting a signature cocktail, but we have since found many uses for this finishing salt.

Flavor Profile of Our Small Batch Keffir Lime Salt:

  • 40% Salty
  • 30% Sour
  • 10% Fruity
  • 10% Herbal
  • 10% Floral

Origin: Proudly made in Louisville, KY | Net weight in a small tin: 1.5 ounces

Please note salt cannot be labelled as certified organic because it is not “grown”, rather it is wild harvested.

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