Mole Rib Rub

A merger between Mexican Mole and Memphis BBQ,

Net Weight in Tin:1.3 oz.

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Using our high quality organic spices we created a traditional Memphis style rib rub.  We then added delicious organic fair trade cocoa and a smokey chipotle powder to create a unique rib rub.  An interesting side benefit of this merger is that this rub forms its own glaze when you use it.  

We think this rub can help you make some world class ribs, but we have also found that it goes well on pretty much any protein.  One of our long time customers swears by it on tofu.  The glazing apsect of the rub is a really fun and unique addition to most dishes.  

Ingredients: brown sugar, evaporated cane sugar, paprika, sea salt, garlic, black pepper, onion, cocoa, ginger, chipotle, rosemary, mustard. 


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