Birria Taco Seasoning


We have all the organic spices packed in this blend so you can make authentic Birria tacos in your kitchen. What are birria tacos? They’re crispy corn tortillas filled with tender meat (stemming from a delicious stew base), melting cheese (we like Oaxaca, chihuahua and asadero), cilantro, lime and chopped onion. They’re fried to crispy perfection and you dip them into the stew sauce for an extra rich experience. See our recipe below for details. Happy birria’ing!

Organic Ingredients: Chipotle powder, ancho chili powder, guajillo chili powder, paprika, cayenne, tomato powder, cassia cinnamon, allspice powder, garlic granules, minced garlic, onion granules, minced onion, sea salt, Mexican oregano

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Simple Instant Pot Beef Birria (Birria de Res)


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Easily make birria beef Mexican tacos (also known as tacos de birria and quesabirria tacos) at home with our organic birria seasoning. We use the highest quality certified organic spices and chilies so you get the brightest bang of flavors. Go ahead and ramp up Taco Tuesday (and Thursday and Sunday and Monday…) with this explosively delicious spice blend.

Organic Birria Beef Taco Seasoning Flavor Profile:

  • 30% Umami
  • 20% Spicy
  • 15% Savory
  • 15% Salty
  • 10% Pungent
  • 5% Sweet
  • 5% Herbal

Organic | Made in Louisville, KY | Net Weight in Tin: 1.2 oz.

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