Ceylon Cacao Chili Powder (Salt-Free)


An elevated organic cacao chili powder with Oaxacan mole influences. It includes our world-class organic Ceylon cacao and cinnamon (coming from the land of spices, Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon), and a variety of mild and medium-hot chilies, including urfa chili flakes, which are mild and sweet with whiffs of coffee notes. Put this all together and you’ll have a deeply rich chili bursting with complex, delightful flavor, with a little sweetness for balance.

Organic Ingredients: Cayenne pepper powder, ancho chili powder, guajillo chili powder, chipotle powder, garlic granules, onion granules, cumin powder, paprika powder, Ceylon cacao, urfa chilies, Ceylon cinnamon

  • spice burlap gift bag


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Shake up your chili with this deeply rich and tasty cacao chili powder.

Our Organic Ceylon Cacao Chili Powder Tastes Like:

  • 40% Spicy
  • 30% Savory
  • 15% Bitter
  • 10% Sweet
  • 5% Herbal

Organic | Made in Louisville, KY | Net Weight in Tin: 1.2 oz.

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