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Our organic popcorn sprinkle has been one of the best-selling items at our shop. I was inspired to create this blend after living for years with a popcorn addict. For me popcorn is the perfect venue for a spice blend to shine. Popcorn just begs for you to add flavor to it. A very neutral flavor and a texture wrought with a plethora of tiny places to hide huge flavor.

This mix is truly intended for popcorn, but you can use it on anything that you would put salt on.  Eggs, veggies, or dips, but use it sparingly just as you would use salt.

When I developed the recipe I knew the truffle salt was going to be a key player in the mix. Our truffle salt is literally an explosion of flavor just primed to stick to some freshly popped corn. I set out to find other spices that would accentuate the rich flavor of the truffles, yet be strong enough to compete for space in our palate.

Sage became an obvious choice because it has a warm, almost soothing flavor and aroma. Combined with the truffle, the aroma alone gets your mouth watering. With these two key ingredients it was a matter of rounding out the blend.

Fresh ground pepper adds a nice bite, and the summer savory gives just a slight bittersweet taste at the back of the blend.

I then finished the rub with a nice Himalayan pink salt and bit of natural Atlantic sea salt. It is a great finish and adds an immense amount of flavor. Enjoy!

Class up your popcorn with this delicious sprinkle.


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Origin- Louisville

Ingredients: sea salt, black truffle salt, black peppercorn, sage, summer savory.

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