Spice Facts: Why Organic & Fair Trade Matters

There’s BIG differences between high quality organic spices and cheaper spices often found in grocery stores (which can have chemicals and additives like gluten and are treated with radiation)…

Transcript: The Truth About Conventional Spices Infographic

Some spices have things you really don’t want in them, like dangerous ingredients and contaminants, toxic farming chemicals and many spice companies treat spice workers unethically

Here’s what typical, low quality spices can have in them:

  • Lead, a known carcinogen, was found in more than 50% of spices according to a study in the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice
  • Rat Hair & Dead Insects: The FDA found 12% of spices had rodent hairs or insect pieces
  • Dangerous Dyes like “Sudan” red dyes, a known carcinogen
  • E. Coli, Salmonella & Feces: found in 1-7% of spices according to the FDA and other studies
  • Live Bugs & Worms: Bugs get into spice containers and can survive for weeks and even months
  • Farm Chemicals & Heavy Metals: Non-organic spices have lots of chemicals, mycotoxins and heavy metals
  • Flour & Other Additives: Cheap companies bulk up spices with flour and often GMO fillers – that’s not good for people sensitive to gluten or GMO food
  • Treated with Gamma Rays: Most spices go through an irradiation process, where they’re bathed in heavy doses of gamma radiation to preserve them so they can sit in warehouses for months or years before they hit grocery store shelves.

Add to All This…That Many Companies Mistreat & Abuse Workers

40 MILLION adults and children work in conditions of slavery today, including many spice workers.

That’s more people than any other time in human history.

So What Can I Do to Avoid Bad Spices & Help Spice Farmers?

  1. Buy Fair Trade. Support ethical spice companies and help lift spice workers out of poverty
  2. Buy Organic. Eat clean spices and support eco-friendly farming
  3. Choose Pinch Spice Market When Buying Spices. We’re a family-owned online organic spice shop and source our spices fair trade from certified organic farmers.

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