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The World’s First Spice Vending Machine at Pinch Spice Market

What’s 600 Pounds, a Little Salty & Drops It Like It’s Hot?


spice vending machine louisville organic seasonings

A New In-Person (Yet Contactless) Way to Shop Fresh Spices in Louisville, KY

Since moving our business (and ourselves) to Louisville in 2018, we’ve been blown away by locals’ support of our business. So many Louisvillians now shop online with us and get their spices delivered to their door or they pick them up at our secure lockers outside our Mellwood Art Center factory. We, along with our fair-trade farmers, are beyond grateful for the support!

Many locals have asked if we’re going to open up a retail storefront. Unfortunately, our factory has to be closed to the public for health and safety reasons and we don’t have plans for a retail store, BUT we’ve created a fun way to still be able to shop in person thanks to our new spice vending machine.

It’s literally the first of its kind, and we hope you love it. Come by and check it out! With a swipe of a credit card, you can pick up fresh spices virtually any day or time. Here’s all the details:

Location: 1860 Mellwood Avenue, right outside of Suite #268, just inside the doors up the ramp and to the left of the rear loading dock (see google directions here)


Hours: Open to the public everyday, 8am-10pm EST,


Payment Methods: It only accepts credit cards


How it Works: Enter your credit card, wait for it to accept it (it’ll tell you), then pull out your credit card and make your selection. Right now you can only purchase one item per credit card transaction, so if you want more than one spice, you have to enter your credit card again. We know that’s a bit of a pain, so we’re working on solutions to make multiple purchases easier in the future.

credit card reader for organic spice blend vending machine

List of Organic Spices, Herbs & Blends in the Vending Machine

We add fresh spices every day. Here’s a list of the organic seasonings and herbs stocked in there right now:

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Please email us at pinch@pinchspicemarket.com with suggestions for other spices you’d like us to add to the machine. We also have many more spices and gifts available online.

You can always shop online and we’ll ship to you, or you can pick up orders in our secure lockers, which are located right across from our vending machine. Happy cooking, friends!

thank you for choosing fairtrade organic spices

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“The Pinch Spice Market spices are absolute AMAZING! They're flavorful, potent, organic, and DELICIOUS! I love how layered the flavor profiles of the spice/herb blends are; they make everything taste worthy. OUTSTANDING!”

--Ayesha W.

"GREAT blends! Totally my go-to gifts (and self-gifts) now"

-Adam H.

"Friendly and knowledgeable staff with excellent fresh spices makes this place a one of kind spice place worth shopping from.”

--Tim K.

“So far, Veggie Sprinkle, Finger Lickin' Chicken, and Porcini Salt are in our regular spice rotation.”

--Brian C.

“High quality, fresh spices.”

--Sharon S.