Spices for Bitters

Making your own bitters, liqueurs, tonics, root beer or sodas? We have the rarest and best spices and herbs you need to make amazing craft and homemade brews and mixtures.

Allspice Whole

Native to the western hemisphere, allspice is a berry that has a soft sweet clove flavor.  Although the berries grind up nicely whole allspice is perfect for brining and pickling.

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Anise Star Whole

This essential spice is used around the world, but primarily we see it used in Asian cuisine. Our organic Star Anise has a fresh sweet aroma and flavor that will get your taste buds going. We use it in our Garam Masala and our Chinese five spice.  

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Birch Bark

An ingredient used for making bitters and rootbeer.

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Bitter Orange Peel

Bitter Orange Peel is essential for beer brewing, specifically for making Belgian Wits. It is also a common ingredient in bitters, gingerbread, and as a mulling spice.  

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Cacao Nibs Roasted

Wonderfully bitter and rich, these roasted cacao nibs are both organic and fair trade. Great to nibble on as they are, but also a wonderful addition to cookies, brownies and stout beers.  

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Cardamom Pods

These plump green cardamom pods are a perfect example of the high quality spices Pinch carries.  Very pungent and fragrant these will elevate your spice game to the next level.

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Cardamom, Black Pods

Black cardamom has a subtle smokey flavor and notes of eucalyptus in addition to the standard cardamom flavor profile. Used primarily in Indian cooking, it as also a fun alternative to normal cardamom in recipes.

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Cinchona Bark

Cinchona Bark is also known as quina and is most commonly used for making tonic water. Historically Cinchona was very important as it alleviates the symptoms of malaria. Today people use it for making homemade tonics and bitters.  

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Gentian Root

The most basic ingredient bitters.  If you are making your own bitters, this is a must-have and should be of high quality.  This gentian is not only organic but also very fresh and aromatic.

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Grains of Paradise

A rare spice that I am often asked about.  Grains of paradise are related to cardamom but have a pleasant pepper flavor.  Great for cooking Moroccan tajines, but also found as an adjunct in Belgian brewing.  

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Hibiscus Flower Whole

We often think of hibiscus in tea or my favorite summer drink Jamaica which is a mainstay of most Mexican taquerias.  Hibiscus is also a great culinary ingredient that can be used similarly to roses or other dried flowers and herbs.  It adds a light fruit-filled citrus flavor.

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Juniper Berry Whole

Fresh organic juniper berries that have an almost blueberry-like texture and sweetness.  Great for brining your turkey, or in a spice rub for a roast.    The flavor of juniper is synonymous with gin which makes it a great ingredient in bitters or added to a cocktail.

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Lemon Peel


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Licorice Root

Many people enjoy chewing on this sweet root.  Licorice root is also a great addition to bitters and adds a super sweet anise flavor.

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Mace Whole

The beautiful outer flower of nutmeg.  Whole mace blades have a potent flavor similar to nutmeg with the addition of a bright citrus flavor and aroma.  One of my personal favorite spices.  In its unground form mace can be added to bitters, syrups, and even cocktails.

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Orange Peel


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Quassia Bark

An alternative to cinchona root that is used for making tonic and bitters.

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Roses, Pink

Hey it’s time to get your culinary game on the maximum level.  I feel like roses are the secret ingredient that no one uses, and that’s a shame.  They bring a soft floral sweetness to your cooking.  From ice cream to bitters and Persian stew.  So let your creative flag fly and get going with this spice.

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Sarsaparilla Root

Wonderful notes of cherry and vanilla, Sarsaparilla is great for making homemade sodas, bitters and bbq sauces.

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Sassafras Root

Rootbeer!!!! That’s what you make with sasafrass, but it is also great for bitters and sauces.

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This is a high quality wormwood that is often used in bitters.  We have also used it to make homemade absynth and malort.

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